2004 Honda CR-V ES 2.0 petrol


This is an excellent practical family car


Rear axle squeaking noise at 50,000 km, fixed by changing lubricant in axle.

General Comments:

Good all-round family car, with plenty of space for children and luggage. It is amazing how much can be packed into this car.

Easy to drive and safe in winter with automatic FWD.I know this is not really an off-roader, but I make trips to Eastern Europe in winter and was never close to getting stuck in snow or ice (I use winter tyres). In tricky conditions you feel a slight slip of the front wheels and then a push as the rear wheels start to drive. So simple and without drama.

Comfortable over longer distances - at least twice a year I drive 1100 km in one day and arrive without any aches or pains. On the motorway it can easily cruise at 160kmh (in Germany), but then the fuel economy is really hit. In normal driving (mix town and motorway) I average between 10 and 11 litres of petrol per 100 km. The only issue with the engine is that it could do with a bit more low-down torque, but you soon adapt your driving style to use a few more revs than might be normal for an SUV.

Handling is good for what it is. This is not a sports car, but you can still go down winding roads at a good pace without too much body roll.

Quality of the car seems good. The interior is not flashy but the seat fabrics, controls etc. are sturdy, some of the plastics (e.g. boot trim) can get scratched though. The general paint-work on my 6-year old car is excellent. After washing and waxing it looks like new. The only irritation are the plastic rubbing strips on the doors, which are easily chipped or marked by people bumping your car with their doors in car parks.

In 6 years, the car never let me down once. Thanks Honda.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th February, 2010