1989 Lancia Y10 GT i.e. 1.3 petrol


You have to change the lights often (headlight, lights for the number plate and others)- nothing serious, you can buy them in every car market.

There were no special problems, except a broken rubber fuel tube.

General Comments:

If you need a car for the city, the Lancia Y10 is the car you have to look for. It's light, small and has "cart-like" handling. The engine has no problems and the fuel consumption is about 7 liters. But you should look for a younger model; with a 10 year old car (60 000 miles) the service costs become very high (over £500).

Dealer service is just great. They are very friendly and the mechanics are very well educated. My dealer isn't an official (A - rated) Lancia/Fiat dealer.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th December, 1999