2003 Opel Omega Comfort 2.2L 16v gazoline


A great estate car with a discreet touch of class


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

Very good road handling: handled like a sports car on corners.

Not a dragster, but very good overall performance considering the speed limitations in Switzerland... and can still easily reach 200 km/h. on German highways.

Very silent and comfortable drive.

Use to much motor oil when driven at high rev (almost 1 litre for 1000-1500 km...) but this happens quite frequently with 16 valves 4 cylinder engines.

Very good looking streamlined body

Incredibly large inside (estate car)

Fuel consumption with the 2.2l gasoline Ecotec engine is very reasonable: roughly 8 litres/100 km. at an average 120km/h on highway, which is very low for such a big car.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2006

24th Apr 2012, 04:02

I currently drive a 2.2 2003 Omega in Amman Jordan. It is a very elegant car, reliable and has a very classy and spacious cabin. I have upgraded the trim to wood, and it is really eye catching.

It is a great car, and I still hope Opel will continue this Omega legacy.

24th Jun 2012, 06:07

I currently have the 3.2L Elite '03 in Dubai.

It has some slight wear and tear issues that need to be fixed.

Despite those, it has an amazing driving feel; comparable to the BMW 530.

The parts are are quite easy to find, since it's a GM. I really would love to perform an engine swap to the 5.7 V8!

1991 Opel Omega Caravan 2.6


Nothing! This car has now over 250000km and it still runs without ANY flaws. Amazing..

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Review Date: 23rd September, 1999