1993 Renault 21 GTX 2.2 petrol


Well, you can see it from two sides.... it's a rather long Story :-))

When I bought the Car as a 2nd hand former demo vehicle from Renault with 66'000km (31'000km on it), there were some minor things about to do: The Spoiler's paint was damaged, the dashboard was damaged. With some paint, some gaffer-tape and some glue I was able to fix it in a day or so. Well, what things have gone wrong (mechanically):

- Oil leak... (head gasket) fixed under warranty at about 70'000km (35'000km).

- Some lamps had to be replaced... I did that myself....

- The alternator went to heaven at about 80'000km (45'000km).

- Due to an "accident" I got a new front-bumper...

- New radiator ventilator.

- New power window motor - about 93'000km (57'000km).

The Phillips radio went nuts... I had to replace it... am using now a Alpine (Alpine provides adapters for the remote!!!)

Ok, so far so good. BUT:

Renault Switzerland recently called me to let me know they found my tachymeter. Very funny thing although I didn't miss mine :-)). The solution: They had to exchange the original tach. because it was defect. Well, because it was a Renault demo car they didn't correct the kilometer clock on it.... that's why I wrote the REAL KM in brackets....

Some days later, they called me again to tell me that the car I bought as a '91 model wasn't available in 91. BIG, BIG Question-Mark!!! Very funny, you have a car that doesn't exist.... the solution: the car is 01.93 and not 03.91 as it say's in the car papers.... that's the reason why the first technical control (MFK) was due in 98 (after 5 years the first time) and not in 96! VERY funny!!!!!

Well, the car needs now a new exhaust... I damaged it here when having too much snow on the roads.. it still run's fine, never let's me down. But the administration problems Renault seem to have are really unbelievable!

General Comments:

The car runs fine, no rust, no mechanical problems (touch wood!!).

My next car could be a Megane Berline or a Laguna.... But I'd prefer to drive this one another three years or so... :-)

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Review Date: 7th March, 1999