1999 Renault Laguna RT Business.com 2.0 16V


Good, very BIG, very good looking and performing car!


Up to now more or less nothing, except:

- Very lousy service when ordered alloy-wheels (waited 8 weeks!! ==> Don't buy things coming from Conti Switzerland, they're nuts - delivered three times the same - but effectively wrong!)

- Rattle in right door, fixed by the dealer.

- Light bulbs (H7) blow off after ~1 year... lousy!

- Radio controls are very silly sometimes....

General Comments:

A good car, especially the interior work is very well done. The navigation system is OK, I would buy it again. Had to change dealer because Renault Zuerich isn't able to do anything right...

The Laguna I have is the 2.0-16V S, the Volvo engine. But Renault has changed the transmission, so the car fits better!!

The engine has a very nice sound, however, the fuel consumption is a bit high...

Due to the navigation system there is little space for the passenger on the right front seat...

Suspension: 1a

Engine: 1a

I think I would buy another Renault, but I am not sure since Alfa and Honda have nice cars too...

One VERY lousy thing: The car is ~4.75m long, but it's visibility backwards is more than lousy. The new Laguna will even be 12cm longer.. having less space for luggage... I don't know whether that fits me.....

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Review Date: 5th July, 2000

25th Oct 2001, 13:14

I like my Renault Laguna Break RXT 1.9dTi very much - it is a great car for traveling long distances. But on the other hand I am not particularly impressed with some aspects of the quality of the car - besides two serious problems I've had in 1.5 year / 60.000km, today one of the headlights went off-duty... That seems to be pretty fast to me, too (just like mentioned in the review).