Subaru Justy Reviews from Switzerland

1991 Subaru Justy 1.2i petrol

Model year1990
Year of manufacture1991
First year of ownership2004
Most recent year of ownership2010
Engine and transmission 1.2i petrol Manual
Performance marks 6 / 10
Reliability marks 10 / 10
Comfort marks 8 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 10 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
8.5 / 10
Distance when acquired67000 kilometres
Most recent distance210000 kilometres


My best car ever!


Rust on rear wheel arches, nothing else.

General Comments:

This car is extremely reliable, no failure at all within more than 140,000 km.

Just had to replace some normal wear components (clutch, brake pads).

Mechanical & electrical parts are working perfectly.

Will run this car as long as possible!

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2010

1989 Subaru Justy J12 1.2 3 cylinder

Year of manufacture1989
First year of ownership2001
Most recent year of ownership2002
Engine and transmission 1.2 3 cylinder Manual
Performance marks 7 / 10
Reliability marks 9 / 10
Comfort marks 3 / 10
Dealer Service marks 10 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 8 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
7.4 / 10
Distance when acquired130000 kilometres
Most recent distance145000 kilometres
Previous carSubaru Justy


A Japanese pocket-Ferrari


Up to now everything is OK with the car.

The only thing I really do not like is the steering: It needs very much strength. But on the other hand it makes it easier to control the car on windy back roads...

General Comments:

It has only 63hp, but is incredibly fast. On Swiss mountain roads you can really drive like mad with this go-kart-like Subie.

But be careful: If you go too fast in a curve, the car understeers heavily!

But it's really big fun to drive!

And when in December the first snow falls, I can only smile and press the 4WD button...

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Review Date: 9th February, 2002

Average review marks: 8.0 / 10, based on 2 reviews