2008 Alfa Romeo 159 JTDm 1.9 turbo diesel


If it goes and handles long term usage as it looks, that is going to be a winner


The parking sensors were not working, headlamp washers had issues, the A/T lever grille was misshaped and I needed to be harsh with the lever to change gear when I purchased the car.

Others than above mentioned, everything looks and feels OK.

General Comments:

I was thinking about a 156 or 159 from time to time for a few years, however was not sure whether to step in. Beside the general opinion and comments, the image of an Alfa stamped in my mind was a rusting car with the front suspension collapsed (with the back in the air), front bumper always detached and hanging down on one side, badly finished in the interior and prone to fall apart etc. This image was mainly due to the 33s, Sprints, Alfasuds and some 75s and 164s seen around during the 80s and the early 90s.

I reasoned by the look (the 10 year old or more models circulating around) of the more recent types and by reading comments that the above mentioned era was gone for good and that it is time move ahead.

Anyway, I can not comment on reliability or long term tenure as I only did few hundred km with it, however it is a very good surprise.

I like the driver focused interior, especially the driver's seat and the steering column with a huge adjustment range. Rear seats are cramped, but who cares?

Surprisingly comfortable and silent despite being a diesel. Basically, the same noise level as my 9-5 aero, however the suspension looked quieter. The seats are good.

Headroom is OK, unlike the 9-5 (I am 190cm tall).

Looks good and sexy. Saab is good and handsome but not sexy. Germans are neither handsome nor sexy.

I should precise here that putting huge chromes here and there, LED lights and other such do not make a car look good nor sexy in the same way that makeup does not make a woman look good or sexy.

One downfall is the rear visibility.

Build quality in the inside is more than OK, no trim noises; however not the same level as the 9-5, nor the Germans.

The buttons on the dashboard partially lost their color, and the Alfa badge on the steering wheel faded. Scratches here and there, but nothing irremediable or critical.

Very happy with the purchase. Long term comments will follow up later on.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2017

24th Mar 2018, 05:13

Original poster here:

One year with the car and totally satisfied. Only an oil change. I found out that the hose leading to and out of the intercooler had leaks. I changed these two hoses and the performance/fuel economy both progressed.