2006 Citroen C3 X Furio 1.4 HDi 8v


Satisfactory with low costs


Nothing gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

At the the time I decided to buy a C3 form Citroen, I was very afraid of having mechanical and electrical troubles. The comments on this car was seriously bad. So far she really satisfied my expectations from a small car. The trunk is one of the greatest in her class and the cabin is spacious. The 1.4 8v HDi (70 hp) engine is quiet and really thrifty. It is very easy to take more than 1100 kilometers with one tank (44 lt) on medium speed. But over 100 km/h, tire noises fill into the cabin and side winds badly affects the stability.

The consumption-performance comparison is bad, I recommend 1.4 16v or 1.6 16v HDi (90hp) engines. You can get the similar consumption values with higher performance points.

Braking is satisfactory, but I recommend air cooling disks on 90 hp models.

Maintenance costs are really low and service quality is satisfactory in Turkey. But I am angry with my self of not choosing 90 hp HDi version for a few extra money.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2007

19th Feb 2008, 12:19

My Friend had a C3 1.4HDi 70BHP Desire for 3 years. He has just now changed it for a C3 1.4i 75BHP SX Petrol and he said it ain't so good as the HDi. In the petrol you got to rev it more and change down gears more when going up hills than the HDi.