2007 Ford Focus Ghia Hatchback 1.6 TDCI


Marvelous, enjoyable, trustworthy


Nothing so far. However, I was surprised that the passenger interior door lid do not centrally lock the doors. Service says it is standard this way for 2008 models. I personally checked for 6 cars to-be-sold, and they were all the same..

General Comments:

This is my second Ford Focus. I previously owned MK 1 model, and this one is so improved and so satisfying at all. I truly could be able to find the spirit of the first model. Great handling, pleasing comfort and generous equipment make this an awesome car. I am sure I made the best choice.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2007

2007 Ford Focus Ghia 1.6 TDCI


Solid, refined and commendable



General Comments:

After replacing the probably-built-on-Monday Megane, this Focus has come like a relief. It's only a two-day old car, and I'm very impressed with it: it's a comfortable and silent diesel saloon with a CVT gearbox, it perfectly grips on the road and it has enough space for four with a huge boot.

High torque gives you confidence when you overtake a truck or climb on a hill.

The interior may look a bit modest, but the upholstery color looks fine and gives airiness.

Best car I've ever driven.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2007

18th Jul 2007, 05:26

You are exactly right.

22nd Jul 2007, 18:58

I bought a Focus 2007 Sedan yesterday, July 21. My best birthday gift!! I excahange my Scion 2005 for this marvelous gem. Is great... very quiet. I had a terrible accident with the Scion and never had the luck to change it or sell it after that. Scion TC is great, but when is rainy, it's a little dangerous with tires on wet surface... watch it out!! Buy Focus, nothing like Ford!!

8th Jul 2008, 07:41

I have owned a 1999 Ford Focus Ghia Estate 1.8 petrol to date.

Superb car, it does what you want.

It has done 110,000 miles on its second clutch and second cam belt.

Starts every morning. Drives very well.

All cars should behave like this.

12th May 2009, 08:27

90 km! This site it's supposed to get opinions about reliability.

Let owners with more than 180.000 km post theirs relevant experience!

2000 Ford Focus Sedan Base Model 1.6 Zetec


A car that deserves a good overall rating


Apart from regular maintenance and check-ups, and fixing the damage resulted from small accidents, we have never gone to service. Now in 90000 kilometers and nearly six years, a horrible sound is produced from the exhaust, but it is most probably due to the end-life of the exhaust.

General Comments:

- The quality of interior materials is considerably high.

- The cabin is quite roomy for 4 people. The fifth gets uncomfortable because of the shaft tunnel. But the interior noise level is I think exceptionally high.

- Handling is really very good in cornering. Moreover, the comfort is also good. A very careful suspension design I think; good handling and good comfort in the same car.

- The ABS braking is I think not very sensitive and causes the braking distance to be somewhat long. But it is very easy to set the braking force to apply. Even very unexperienced drivers would not have any difficulty for this.

- In regular city driving, the car has some problems with performance. The 1.6l 100 HP engine cannot accelerate the car very well at low RPM. At high RPM, acceleration really booms.

- When the car has a so good handling, I would expect a stability at high speeds that matches the handling. But this is not the case. This is not to say "the stability is very bad" but I would like a car that is less sensitive to side winds.

- The driver should be careful about torque steering in high-performance driving. The standard tires are of 185/65R14 size, but I think 195/60R15 is more suitable for that car.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2006

2005 Ford Focus Ghia 1.6


Good car for everyday use


Nothing wrong at all.

General Comments:

Steering response is very quick, however there is absolutely an oversteer problem with the high speed cornering (no ESP, Contisport Contact2 tyres).

ABS gets into action very quickly, brake pedal is harder than the previous Focus, and the brake pedal travel is longer when compared with VW and Opel.

Engine sound is excellent (1.6 115ps). Gear ratios are shorter than Focus 1, however there is no obvious performance difference, because of the increased vehicle weight.

Sound system is excellent with the Ghia, MP3 player and aux-in port in the glovebox.

A/C works very well.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2005