2004 Honda Jazz Comfort 1.4 I-DSI


The Perfect All Rounder


Nothing. It's still as good as its first day.

General Comments:

As a test driver, I've had the chance to try hundreds of cars in many years. I believe that the paradigm-shifter Jazz is every carmaker's dream. That's why we see more and more new cars like Jazz every year.

Build quality is better than most of the luxury cars.

No squeaks or rattles.

Has an incredibly large cargo area.

The Magic Seats are indeed magic. It's the most useful seat folding system ever, and easiest to use too.

I-DSI engine is the most stunning feature of the vehicle: 3,8 to 4,2 liters / 100 km at 90 km / h.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2006

2005 Honda Jazz 1.4 ES Comfort 1.4 I-DSI


Perfect choice for everybody!



General Comments:

Thanks to the varible timed dual spark system, Honda Jazz is incredibly quick for a 1339 cc engine vehicle. Even with five adults or with AC on, it never gets tired. Steering is very light and sensitive. Handling also is surprisingly good for a supermini-van.

Jazz offers more luggage and inner space than higher class cars. You can compare it to Golf, Astra or other minivans. With its super-functional features and high tech engine, Jazz simply beats almost every model in supermini, mini, family and van class.

Clones like Mitsubishi Colt and Renault Modus proves that how groundbreaking Jazz concept is.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2005

19th Feb 2005, 19:50

I agree with the happy Jazz owner. (S) he's not exaggerating. I'm a French Jazz owner and I'm extremely happy with it. General belief that Japanese cars are rubbish is very wrong. They are better than most German cars, and way better than all their french competitors. I've had no fallen parts, no serious problems, in fact, no problems at all with Jazz. Jazz is probably one of the best cars Honda ever built.

25th Dec 2005, 00:07

I have owned a Jazz (called a 'Fit' here in Japan) for the past 3 years and am very happy with it, despite the problems mentioned, and agree that it's very good quality for what you pay. Yes, it never tires and has the 'unnecessary' hard suspension, but I personally like it. The biggest problems with it are front passenger and driver leg room is too short, and the steering doesn't return back when steering as with other cars. It has loads of luggage space when the back seats go down to make it flat, and has a very good turning circle. Another problem is that it tends to roll back on a hill if you don't accelerate soon enough after taking your foot off the brake - related to the new engine design, and it engine brakes before coming to a rolling stop at lights which makes you stop short - I don't like this. Today, when starting the car for the first time in the morning, the power steering became extremely hard to turn. The EPS (electronic power steering) light is on, and a phone call confirmed that we have to take it to the Honda Dealer to get it fixed.

2003 Honda Jazz SE Sport 1.4 Gasoline


Best small family car

General Comments:

This car has lots of space for a family. Two luggages and a baby stroller can be easily mounted in trunk.

CVT transmission is quick and responding very well. F1 style manual transmission controls on the wheelchair are useless, but nice to play.

Average consumption in a bumper to bumper traffic is 8 Lt/100 Km. My previous Golf was consuming 13 Lt at the same traffic.

Suspension is firm and 185/55 R15 tires are making it harder. Road imperfections are felt. Tire noise is above the average.

Car is getting breathless going uphills, but highway driving is a real pleasure. Engine is very silent, 110-120 km/h can be easily reached and average consumption at this speed is 5.9 Lt when AC is on.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2003