2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0 diesel


Nice looks, poor engine


The vehicle comes with poor tires, so you need to change them if you will do a little bit off road or snow.

The computer fixes all problems; even the transmission noise sounds SO weird.

The paint chips even when you touch the next car in the car park; don't go for dark colors.

General Comments:

The boot is fine, but so difficult to control from inside the car.

The air conditioning is poor and keeps giving a bad smell; they will change the air con free of charge; we will see what will happen next.

The seats are the most comfortable seats that I can get. If I buy again it will be because of the seat comfort.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2016

2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0 turbo diesel


The car is only OK


Nothing, it's just that the car is delivered with very cheap tires; make sure you get all-weather tires before you get one.

General Comments:

The new Jeep Cherokee has the best looks and a distinctive interior design, and you feel comfortable and safe in the car. The driving is easy and fun. I enjoy driving the car on motorways and it's easy to handle the car in small narrow streets. But when it comes to outdoor driving, even on thin snow, the car is weak. The 4x4 system is weak and does not give the comfort of driving the old Jeep Cherokee. It's a shame about the cheap tires and poor 4x4 system.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2015

9th Feb 2015, 20:40

I'll bet a lot of those problems are from the 2.0L engine, which seems really small for such a large vehicle, regardless of its specs or tuning. It probably lacks the power to adequately move the vehicle in offroad situations, especially in 4x4, which eats power from the motor.

7th Mar 2015, 03:56

I agree on the 4x4 system. Basically, newer designs transfer torque to the rear when the front slips. It is your worst enemy on a slippery road. A progressive coupling t-case like the NV247 (Quadra-Trac II) found on 2nd generation WJ Grand Cherokee does the contrary. Rear first. The torque split to the front will get you back on track.