1991 Lada Niva 1.6carb/Lpg


A 4x4 VW Beetle!


1 month after I bought it, My friend had an accident with it and ran into a wall after jumping off a sidewalk 30 cm (1 feet tall). (replaced radiator with a new one and newer overheated again) However after repair, I drove it another 50 000 km and had my wife and my friends kept having minor accidents on and off-road. :)

Many things fail by the time if you buy a lemon in the first place! but the car keeps going and even survives accidents.

General Comments:

When I bought the car. I was told it had been in a very bad condition before and saw some restoration. The seats weren't original. Paint was in bad condition and the engine overheated easily although did not consume oil. It was an LPG conversion and almost never ran on petrol since LPG is cheaper.

The car is really solid. The engineering is very clever, but the material quality is very low. Rust, electric problems (blown fuses, blown bulbs are very common) are nature of the car. Clutch plate wears every 25 000kms (Heavy car with 1.6L engine.

Amazingly the car survived all the accidents and off road driving. Started very easily in winter even below minus 30 C.

Really slow on road and offroad, negotiating steep climbs can only be done using 1st low gearing. Otherwise a superb offroad car to amuse your friends.

Limited cargo space tells you that it is a small car. It is a 4x4 vw beetle!

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Review Date: 16th September, 2005

27th Sep 2005, 09:10

Good review of your Niva, which sounds like it`s had a pretty hard life - what with all the accidents etc. However, it kept going- and that`s the main thing. Your comment about the clutch was curious. My Niva has done over 60,000 kms. and the clutch is still original, with plenty of lining still left. Maybe, on occasions, you inadvertently rest your foot on the clutch pedal when you drive. This practice will burn up the clutch rapidly on any car. The only other logical reason for premature clutch wear, is the installation of an inferior quality after-market clutch kit,- which might have been the reason in your case, considering the relatively high mileage on your Niva when you bought it in the first place. Cheers!

1993 Lada Niva 1600 1.6


Little 4x4 with a soul


A lot for a year.

Windshield replacement (it was broken when I got the car)

Windshield-washer motor replacement

Brake system control, oil replacement carburetor cleaning, wheel-tire control (when I got the car)

Generally rust problems.

**Most Shocking and Important.

-Rear drive-shaft fall down, when driving on hi-way.

-Front diff fall down (diff case cracked), when driving.

General Comments:

Buy a Niva if want to love a car.

You must love it, and care about it everyday. Else it will remember that to you.

I got my Niva in very bad condition, because I need immediately a car and I have got enough money only for a broken niva. (ca $3000)

I planned for driving it for 3 months and then buy another car. But I love this car.

It's not so bad in town, and great on terrain. You can go everywhere you want. (for example; to a construction site (my workplace) : where 2.5 ton 2500cc turbo-diesel 4x4 Nissan Skystar stuck in mud)

So I love it more, I plan now for a complete motor and body repair.

PS: Forget about comfort, when you think about a Niva.

Forget about speed, when you think about a Niva.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2005

27th Mar 2005, 21:04

Dude, am loving way you talk. Is hilarious. You say 3000 DOLLARS? Or 3000 of your money? Like.. 25 US dollars? 3000 bucks for a 4x4 rusted out with a cracked windshield is a BAD deal. I got a Suzuki X-90 4x4 with all the options, in great running shape that only needed a fender, mirror, and basic maintenance for 2000. Came with a tint, too :) Where are you located? In the US, a Nissan Skyline is an ugly sports car (often subjected to horrible mutilations by people who rice the thing out thinking it looks "cool"), not a 4x4.

Sounds like a good car, though. Little 4x4's are awesome, they can truly go anywhere. Heck, first vehicle on the moon was a tiny 4x4. Enjoy your toy, dude.