2000 Mazda 626 GLX 2.0 petrol


A Japanese sedan is always a logical choice, not an emotional one!


Essentially nothing.

Only regular service, including timing belt at 100000km.

General Comments:

Suspension comfort is average, gets much better as the speed increases.

Noise level average also. Heater/air conditioner fan extremely noisy on 3rd and 4th speed.

We don't have VW/Audi class dashboard plastics in here.

Engine is excellent. Good performance when needed, very economic when driven to be so. I can reached 1000 km. with one tank with an average speed of 85/105 km. That gives us an average consumption of something like 6.1-6.2 lt./100 km.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2009

28th Aug 2011, 04:51

The car reached 133000 kms. No issue. Changed left rear door central lock mechanism, two rear shock absorbers, brake pads etc. Also, the car had to endure 4 relatively small/average crashes during the last two years; 2 from behind, 2 from the front. Amazingly enough, it didn't need any part or repairs. The shock absorbing supports in the bumpers cracked, but no need to do anything about them. If it runs as problem free as it is now, I'll keep it till 2015/2016.

23rd Sep 2013, 15:09

The car has now 150000 km. No issue other than oil changes. At one stage, I was about sell it, but I've now decided to keep it until it goes to junkyard as a second/spare car. The reason is very simple: it isn't worth any significant money, but is a perfect working car with everything working! If I get rid of it, I will never be able to get so much car in absolute perfect condition for so little money ever again. I'd say it's good to go for another 15 years and 150000 km!

3rd Jan 2017, 23:14

From original reviewer:

I've still got the car. The only cost has been fuel, filter, 4 tires and CV joints since the last message.

I just got the timing belt, water pump, other belts pulley and tensioner changed on the last fuel change. I think I will be keeping it at least for another 5 years!

4th Jan 2017, 09:25

Keep it. Modern cars have far more needless complications that go wrong through no fault of the owner. That's a dependable car, easy to fix, hardly breaks down, that's all you want.