2000 Mercedes-Benz Vito L 112 CDI


Buy one that has been cared for


Head gasket blew, then had the cylinder head replaced.

Dashboard rev counter then speedometer went. Then the digital LCD that shows the kilometers.

Doesn't rev over 3000 RPM sometimes.

If yours doesn't rev, take a look at all the vacuum pipes. If there is no leak, I would recommend to change the vacuum pressure converter valve that is on top of the air filter (part no: A6110780149). If it doesn't solve the problem, change the turbo vacuum valve (part no: 0061536628). It took me 3 months to solve the problem, but I've never had the problem again.

General Comments:

When I bought the the vehicle, it was losing some water. There's no dealer where I am, so I went to a repair guy: he said it was the head gasket, and had it and water pump, thermostat and all the water pipes changed, but the problem wasn't solved. Then I had the cylinder head and all the valves and gaskets changed. That cured the problem, but I paid half the money I had bought the car for.

Sometimes my Vito wouldn't rev over 3000 RPM. No one knew the solution, so found it myself. Wish it had less problems. It's a a beautiful thing to drive, but to repair anything on the engine, the intake has to be taken off (a lot of work).

I loved it, but had to sell because I've spent so much on it, that if there was another problem, I would have a heart attack. Do not buy one that hasn't been looked after for your own sake.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2014