1998 Opel Corsa Swing 1.4


A Classical Mini like VW Beetle


Never been stranded by this car.

Thermostat is changed at 85.000 km (in 2003)

Central heating tap changed at 90.000 km

Exhaust pipes and silencers (excluding catalytic converter) completely changed at 92.000 km. (in 2004)

Horn buttons on the steering wheel are torn in 2003 (78.000 km) although I rarely used them.

General Comments:

Engine is very reliable, but reluctant to produce torque when it is cold. Best performance between 3000-4000 rpm. No motor noise is heard in the cabin, but if the road is not smooth enough, you hear a lot of tyre noise. This car is very comfortable if the road conditions are not too bad. Not a long distance cruiser of course, but very practical and agile in the city. Steering wheel and gear lever doesn't make the driver get tired. Headlamps are enough for city usage, but weak for a long distance drive. Easy to drive, comfortable as a compact car, but not make you feel safe over 120 kmph. Plastic equipment is satisfactorily good. But horn buttons on the steering wheel were torn at the end of the 3rd year. This is a common problem of this car. I didn't see a Corsa above 4 years yet that those buttons aren't torn. Air conditioning system is free of problems even at very hot weather. Fuel consumption is very low. (sometimes 5.5 liters outside the city with AC in summer) Break system never failed. Date/hour/temperature/radio channel display is very useful. Radio is changeable with an MP3/CD player. If you do this, you can still use the car display for the date/hour and temperature. Good speaker system with 4 speakers and two tweeters, but you feel the lack of cross overs. The car's overall performance is very good for this class. I have never regret because of buying this car. If I would buy a mini, I would buy a Corsa again without hesitation.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd November, 2004