1999 Opel Vectra CD 2.0 16V petrol


A good choice for those who drives much on motorways


1. Evaporator of the air conditioning has developed a leak and been changed.

Other than that, nothing really wrong, except standard maintenance.

2. But I don't exactly realize why the water pump must be changed with the timing belt (every 60 000 kms). Why not only the timing belt??

General Comments:

1. It is very good doing 125 km/h at 3000rpm in fifth gear, when driving on motorway.

2. Requires more gear changes when not driving on the motorway than a 1.6 compact car (e.g. Golf), because of long gear ratios.

3. Engine is too noisy for a car of this segment at low speed, but OK when driving faster than 80 km/h.

4. Bad driving position in my view (steering wheel too low, seat too high, and I am 190 cm.). The Vectra A that I had before this one was perfect on this point.

5. Very good automatic air conditioning.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2005

10th Sep 2006, 04:30

Hi, I think that the water pump needs to be changed as the timing belt drives it. I have the same model as you do and at 48,00km the timing belt snapped on a highway. I was very unimpressed... I took it to a dealership that I had not been too (closer to tow). Anyway, GM fixed the whole engine as the timing belt has an international warranty. While I was unhappy about the whole situation, I was impressed that it only took one day for GM to agree to pay for the repair. I done some investigation and it turns out that when the 99 vectras were being made a change was made from a HD to STD belt, so some models have double timing belt life.

1992 Opel Vectra GL 2.0 injection


Opel's best car ever


The long plastic part between the tweeters is cracked at 3-4 points. It is a common problem here in Turkey. It should be due to extreme heat at summer.

Windows buttons of front doors should be located at doors, as at rear doors. It is hard to find and use window buttons while driving.

Hydraulic steering wheel is a little hard. It is said that common for Opels.

It is hard to turn off the flasher when used. almost 90% of Vectras I have seen have this problem.

General Comments:

Fuel consumption is extremely low for this class of car. I have seen average 6.1 L/100km in longway in real life, when the car is loaded. (Reference is 5.5L /100km)

153000kms and no abnormal oil consumption and performance decrease.

I wish to have 2.5 V6 model Vectra A, if I can find a good clean one.

Vectra A is better then Vectra B.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2002

10th Jun 2004, 06:14

I am driving a 93 vectra 1.8 GL for 7 years, engine is in its 260.000th km and still working like a watch!

2001 Opel Vectra Comfort 1.6 16v


Very expensive


When I received the car from the dealer I felt very happy, but the next morning I understood that I made a mistake. There was a terrible noise coming from the left rear tyre. I took the car immediately to the dealer service and I was told that the problem was settled, but unfortunately I had to take my car to the dealer for the same problem 3 times.

A few weeks later, this time another noise started coming from left front window and for this problem I had to take my car in another 3 times.

Thank god finally it is fixed.

General Comments:

I promise, I'd never enter into an Opel dealer. I was very happy with my 306, I still don't know why I made that silly mistake to buy an Opel Vectra.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2001

31st Jul 2001, 07:17

I also own a 2001 Opel Vectra Comfort and had no problems with the car (it was bought in January). I am very satisfied with Opel except the poor service! I had the very unwise idea to have a phone kit support installed and had to visit the service centre 4 (yes, four!) times. The service personnel are very kind, but are unable to align a simple piece of plastic correctly...

Otherwise, the car itself is great with low gas consumption (about 9 L per 100 km), it's quite silent while running and comfortable.

It came with almost every accessory I've expected: 4 airbags, ABS and an air conditioner. I still wish it also had curtain airbags and traction control, but for the price it is OK!