1994 Renault 11 TXE Flash S 1.7 OHC LPG


A badly built car that always has a water leak somewhere. I have had to change all the water pipes and the radiator, but it still leaks somewhere.

It likes to get a bit warm sometimes, so I have fitted an extra button to manually operate the fan just in case.

General Comments:

Not a bad car for its age, little spots of rust here and there, nothing serious.

Handles good, and accelerates good as well.

I use it with LPG. It does not work with petrol at the moment; it needs a carburetor adjustment.

Cheap to run except for some squeaks here and there. The heating problem is because of the miniature fan; it's too small for such a large engine.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2015

20th Mar 2015, 23:56

You might find the problem is with an air lock: old Renaults often have bleed valves within the system to release trapped air, which can make water changes a protracted affair.

In general French cars are not easy for maintenance, and the 11 is no exception.

1989 Renault 11 GTS 1.4 petrol


Cheap car, and deserves every penny


I've had the car for 6 months. I bought it for a cheap price, and spent a lot of money on it.

My car runs on both petrol and LPG. I had misfire; I was told it was the head gasket, but instead I gave it a service; I changed the oil and the oil filter, and also the spark plugs; works perfectly at the moment.

The spares are cheap in my country, and can be found everywhere.

It's an economic car, and it beats a lot of new car at the traffic lights. It has a 72hp engine.

General Comments:

The front seats are are uncomfortable.

I use on LPG, and it always starts and makes me smile.

Reliable car, and although it's 1.4 72hp, I have hit 170km/h on the dial while using petrol.

Cute car, cheap to run, has street credit in turkey, and because there are more 1.0L engines around, people are always stopping next to me (at traffic lights), and rev their engines (to race).

A cheap car, but if I had enough money to buy another car, I wouldn't have bought it. But as an alternative, it's a beauty; I think it's a Turkish road warrior.

I have some little squeaks inside, but who cares, it gets me around. For its price I would recommend it, because it's cheap.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2010

1988 Renault 11 GTS 1.4


Funny and Cheap


I owned it about three years ago, and at first sight, there were some hatch problems. On the right rear wing, there was a rusty part. And the seats were uncomfortable and broken. I had the seats repaired.

At 152.000 km, I had a big accident and I had to renew almost all the mechanic parts except the engine.

At 172.000 km, the brake system fell down, I had it renewed.

At 167.000 km, the rubber part which is holding the transmission on the chassis is broken down, I renewed it.

There are still some rattles from the cabin.

And the thermostat of the radiator failed and I had it renewed.

General Comments:

This is the most lovely car I've ever driven.

When I first drove it, I opened the bonnet and looked for a 1.7 engine or etc. It is quicker than most 1.6 engines.

I drive it about 3 years and the general comment I can make about it is that it is a really economic and cheap in mending.

The spares can be found easily in my country. It makes some troubles, but all of them are easily provided.

I got 40.000 km and I really get astonished with its performance.

There is nothing wrong with the engine, if you have it controlled regularly, it won't give you any surprise service necessity.

It gives more than you expect.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2004

20th Feb 2008, 15:18

After 4 years, I wanted to write a comment to my own survey. I sold my car last month and the distance was 236.000 kms. I had about 100.000 kilometers in seven years generally with convenience. I was having some troubles of course, but none of them were unsolvable. It was just the case my old car was really getting old, couldnt rely on this 20 years old car on motorways and didnt have time for an A to Z service.

The conclusion is, it was really a special car to me. If I had enough time for maintenance, I wouldn't have sold it.