2003 Skoda Fabia Elegance 1.4 68 hp


High and reliable quality for a good price


I just had problems with my audio system which was a production of Skoda-Auto with the participation of Grundig Co. (MS402, but it is easily repaired by the dealer service.

General Comments:

First of all the design and the lines of the car are very good looking. I have used too many cars before (such as Corolla, Focus, Polo ext..) but no other cars are charming as Fabia may be it is because of the smart, smiling, strong face and the bright front lamps of Fabia.

Secondly I want to mention the iron thickness of the chassis. In my opinion it is the thickest one in its class, may be as well as the upper class, because of this while driving I feel myself more confident then any other ones.

Also Fabia gives you the high quality feeling when you sit on the seats of the Elegance version. Fabrics are good enough for this class, also better than the rivals. Chrome accessories felt you that you are sitting in an upper class car.

On the other hand performance of the 68 hp is poor at the uphill driving, but I can say that it is quite enough for city usage. I must mention that full trunk with 4 persons forces the car very hardly on the road. So if you have enough budget try to the 101 hp ones.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2003