1993 Skoda Favorit 135 LX 1.3 petrol


Cheap and comfortable


Heavy rusting on some parts of the hood and I had problems with the fuse box.

The rims are not strong enough for the impacts caused from the road.

Plastic parts in the cockpit make noise.

General Comments:

Besides the problems I mentioned above, it's a superb car for the city life.

Its fuel consumption is very low: under the heavy conditions of Istanbul traffic it consumes minimum 7 liters and maximum 9 liters. On the freeway if you drive 90km/h stable, 6 liters and 80 km/h, 5.2 liters. It'll need in 100 kms.

The suspension comfort is very high but the performance is not good because of the long gear ratios.

As a summary I recommend this car for people who want to buy a cheap, reliable and comfortable car.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2000