1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde 3.0


Insultingly bad quality


New: No speakers, ash trays or lighters, jack or lug wrench; horn button mounted wrong; vents popped out of dashboard; passenger's door wouldn't close; trim falling off.

Immediate: Head gaskets; alternator; fuel pump; 2 oil pressure and 1 temperature gauges; front fog lights; door lock solenoid - all failed; electric door locks unlock themselves; oil leaks; rubber boots on electrical parts fell apart...

More recent: Transaxle failed; rear slave cylinders siezed; DeDion (rear wheel) bearings failed; speedometer failed; hood difficult to open (release lever bent).

General Comments:

The dealer was dishonest and/or not competent and the company was unresponsive. A piece of ice slid off the garage and dented it in the roof; the body man told me "NEVER roll this car." After avoiding the car for a couple years I have decided to sell it but cleaning up the current defects will eat up time and much of the sale price. If I had known about the Lemon Law the car would've been gone shortly after purchase.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 30th June, 2000

29th Nov 2000, 20:49

This review is in marked contrast to the others here and certainly differs from my experience with my Milano.

I think that the reviewer had no business purchasing an Italian car and is obviously someone who views a vehicle as transportation and nothing more. Perhaps another boring, Teutonic vehicle like a Volkswagen or BMW would better serve this person.