2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo Distinction 0.9 TwinAir


A car you buy with your heart, not your head!


Glovebox rattle - fixed under warranty but came back.

Air Conditioning failure - fixed under warranty.

Aerial failure - fixed under warranty.

Passenger seat won't slide forward - needs to go in for repair under warranty.

Paint is not very thick, stone chips on the bonnet within days of ownership.

General Comments:

It's a pretty little car inside and out; I still turn and have a last look at it when parked

Ride is harsh on some surfaces and steering is woolly and vague unless in dynamic mode.

The twinAir engine is great fun once you get out of 1st gear, which has no range; the engine is screaming for 2nd almost instantly. I should have test drove the 1.4 unit for comparison.

Nice comfy seats in the front and had no complaints from rear passengers.

Some of the interior plastics used in the rear are a bit flimsy.

Limited rear visibility; you need the parking sensors!

Boot space is OK for shopping, but a struggle with suitcases or large loads.

Uconnect stereo is pretty decent, but is let down by poor speakers; they're OK at normal volumes, but get a bit boomy when the volume is pushed.

On the whole I love the car and the feeling when driving, but it's been let down by the faults, and the depreciation in value is not good after 2 years of ownership; it's worth less than half its list price.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2018

2010 Alfa Romeo MiTo Veloce 1.4 petrol turbo 155BHP


A fast and interesting alternative to a Mini


Annoying trim rattle.

Seat belts cannot be adjusted for height, and the inertia-reel locks too easily, pinning you to your seat!

Hard bumpy ride with 18 inch low profile tyres.

Tyres puncture and wheels kerb far too easily.

Temperamental Windows-Mobile based Bluetooth/MP3 system.

General Comments:

A wonderfully schizophrenic car; quiet and docile in "Normal", fast and furious in "Dynamic".

The styling is controversial, but gets admiring glances from everyone.

Fit and finish is generally good, and the leather trim is great, but the glovebox can rattle sometimes, and despite several attempts by the dealer to rectify, it still is a problem; the only solution I have found is to drive with the glovebox empty!

Rear seats are adequate for short journeys, but small windows mean it's rather claustrophobic for rear passenger, but no big deal. Boot space is way better than a Mini.

Faster than a Mini Cooper S.

Overall, a fast and exciting practical car that's more interesting than a Mini, and with a reasonable boot.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2011

1st Feb 2012, 16:51

A fair assessment for sure...

An under-estimated car... Even more !