1995 Audi S6 2.2 turbo


A big fast comfortable saloon that is practical for everyday use


Brake pad/disk warning light goes on and off.

General Comments:

I bought this car knowing it would need work, including this it cost me about £5500, which included new shocks, new brakes, and a full service. Thanks to Awesome GTI!

A very fast car, with huge grip and great handling, almost no body roll through the corners.

My only criticism of the way it drives is that it cannot hide its size, doesn't feel quite as nimble as my old Ford Focus. Obviously much, much faster though, with more grip.

The seats are extremely supportive, and the cabin is a lesson on how dashboards should look and feel.

Considering this is a top of the range car, it is not exactly loaded with toys. For Example, no electric or heated seats, no cruise control.

Boot is huge, but a little awkward. Quite shallow, although long.

Not the cheapest to run, but considering the performance available, very reasonable. Especially if you are prepared to do some of the simpler maintenance tasks.

This is easily the best car I have owned, I hope it lasts forever!

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Review Date: 13th October, 2005

4th Jul 2007, 13:38

I need to revisit this review, as its not the end...

The Big Audi served as my daily driver for over 1 year, during which I covered 35k miles, including a trip to the nurburgring. I spent money on it, giving it whatever it needed, but it never broke down, and took the miles well.

In fact was mechanically excellent, and now has 170k on the clock.

I got a Mondeo in the meantime to take the daily grind, and considered selling the Audi to fund a track day car. It must have known what I was thinking because...

Then, a long term water leak killed things. I am informed that many Audis of this age leak, due to simple design flaws. However with Audis legend build quality, don't rust. This meant, that without knowing, I was carrying around 2-3 inches of water in the footwells.

Now, would anyone like to guess what sensible place Audi mount the ECU?

Yup, under the seat.

Net result, the electrics have gone and probably killed the car.

ECU failed, and when it did, it blew all 5 coil packs. Now neither the ECU or coil packs are cheap, and the result is that if I were getting new parts, the repair would be costing me a total of £2500, when that is probably all the car would be worth running.

Like I said, the car is mechanically sound, engine, clutch, gearbox all great. I had most the suspension replaced so it drove brilliant. But the Electrics failure has possibly killed the car terminally.

Now on the lookout for crashed/S6 for parts, will pop back and tell you what the final damage has been :(

31st Aug 2007, 18:46

Well, ordered the parts, £500.

Hoping the Auto electricians bill isn't too bad, but its still going to total £1500, when the car is probably only worth £3000.

Still its something I will live with to save this beast from the scrap. Its too good to kill.

1995 Audi S6 2.2 turbo


I'd buy another one tomorrow


Valve cover gasket replaced - as it was leaking oil into the front spark plug.

Ignition leads replaced - very expensive, needed 5 at £27 each.

Driver heated seat no longer heats.

General Comments:

After the Omega, which despite the V6 engine, I got fed up with as it just felt too 'heavy' to drive. I decided I needed a smaller, turbocharged engine..

The 5 cylinder 20V turbocharged engine is splendid.. once the turbo kicks in at 3000rpm, you are very quickly in 6th gear and grinning for more.

The brakes are good (same as those on the A8) with ABS and EBD.

The Quattro 4 wheel drive system is fantastic, it really does corner like it is on rails.

The guys on the 'original S Cars' audiworld.com forum are very knowledgeable and helpful, providing lots of scope for modifying and improving performance.

The only complaint I have is that because it is so low, I can't go over certain speed bumps without having to endure horrible scraping noises from the underside of the car. Considering it's still on the original exhaust, it does worry me a bit.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2003

13th Jun 2006, 07:12

Today I raced an Audi s6 with Opel vectra 1.9 CDTI. after 100km/h started to slow down (I'm not gonna drive insane in town) and realized that it is s6!!! before that he was checking my plates. Poor guy, he had his girlfriend watching :)

4th Jul 2007, 13:25

I realise no one will probably read this, given the last comment was 1 year ago, but that last comment is absolute rubbish.

No way, No how can a 1.9DTI Vectra beat an S6. Never. Ever.

I know diesels can be torquey, and give the odd petrol a surprise when caught off cam, but if the S6 was trying, YOU WOULD NOT HAVE STAYED WITH HIM.

I should know, I own a Mondeo ST diesel (very torquey engine) more than capable of giving my S6 a shock, but ONLY if I am not taking the S6 beyond 4k revs.

If the S6 is on full boost, there is not much this side of M5 that can stay with it. In fact, in 1995 the S6 in gear times were closer to the BMW than they should have been, given that the Audi was 2/3 the price, and gave away 100bhp on the BMW.

You are on a car website mate, try to not make comments that make you look ignorant.

8th Nov 2008, 18:55

I agree, a tiny diesel isn`t a match to an S6 2.2t. It is possible though that the car you raced was standard A6 with an S6 badge on it, but even then you would struggle to show your number plate.

3rd Jul 2009, 07:14

I just don't know why we need this kind of comments... won't help deciding to buy or not to buy.

You never know if the driver was pushing it or not... even a 30yr old Skoda can "beat" me driving my S4 Avant, if I'm just cruising around.

The modern diesels' powerband is stuck in 2000 rpm range (like 1500-3500rpm) if talking about the best... My S4's powerband is from 3000-6500, and already kicking from 2500...

Having 365000kms on the clock (with no overhauling yet), I can do 0-100 kph in 7 seconds flat... any modern diesel around the same weight and same power is left behind by far... would never ever change it to diesel... I changed from a 2.5TDi to this 2.2 20VT wonder, and it's gonna stay with me 'till it falls into pieces...