2007 BMW 1 Series 120d Sport SE (E87) 2.0 turbo diesel


Very sad to see her go


1. Seal at rear of the automatic gearbox split, so gearbox oil leaking. BMW dealer repaired (expensive!)

2. Track rod end nuts seized. BMW recommended drilling them out which would have resulted in the car needing new track rod ends. Work not carried out as I got rid of the car.

3. Numerous trim rattles due to dissimilar matching trim type being used when manufactured. Example; both 'A' pillar airbag covers constantly clicked and creaked; most irritating. BMW forums suggested wedging layers of felt cloth in the gaps to dampen. A known issue on the 1 series.

4. Bonnet catch seized so had difficulty locking the bonnet shut. BMW dealer replaced.

5. Both tailgate struts became 'dry' eventually, resulting in an audible creak when the tailgate was opened. BMW dealer replaced.

6. DTC light came on when starting, despite the fact that I hadn't even touched the engage/disengage button. Stayed on during a short journey. On starting again, the light remained off and never came on again. Probably just a glitch.

7. Discovered the previous owner had affected a small paint touch up on the nearside front door, which after several years, came off. He hadn't done it properly, leaving me facing a £475 bill to have the door resprayed. Rather than throw good money after bad, I got rid of the car.

8. Other general wear and tear items; tyres, wiper blades etc.

General Comments:

From the day I bought the car to until I decided (albeit reluctantly) to get rid of the car, every single issue that arose, every service (major and minor) and every MoT was carried out by my local BMW dealer. They did a fantastic job, I always got a great courtesy car whilst mine was in the shop (4 series, 3 series and at one point a Z4... but I think they were trying to sell me those!).

To be truthful I could never really fault the car. It has always been reliable, but it has gotten to an age where things were starting to go wrong more frequently. I have had some horror stories with 'independent' repairers, so I made a point to always have the car dealt with by BMW as I insisted on genuine BMW parts being used. However, the trade off with that means premium prices.

I bought the car on a four year finance deal, and uncannily the moment I had finished paying for it, the problems started more frequently. These were just due to the car's age, and certainly not neglect as the car was looked after and well cared for.

I finished paying for the car in January 2017 and am now getting rid at the end of May the same year. In that short space, I have paid nearly £2000 fixing issues that have started arising. So rather than throw good money after bad and waiting for 'the big one', the car has had to go. It comes to a point that when a car starts to become a money pit you have to think sensibly.

I'll be sorry to see it go. It's never let me down, and I've always believed that when you own a car then you don't scrimp on caring for it. The 1 series may be the entry model for BMW, but it's still a BMW, which in my opinion sets it apart.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2017

2006 BMW 1 Series 116i ES 1.6 petrol


Unreliable and too costly. Not economical


Our 06 plate BMW 1 series is giving us problem after problem.

Timing chain jumped was an expensive job. Then oil leaks. Then clutch replaced.

No cup holders, and no dipstick to check oil.

Petrol was expensive on this car.

Never ever again with a BMW 1 Series. It's a lemon.

General Comments:

Not reliable. Too costly to maintain.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2017

26th Feb 2017, 18:59

Wait until BMW fans will chime in with 'never had a single issue in 200000 miles' stories.

27th Feb 2017, 07:32

You mean owners. Not likely with the 1-series, it's a matter of whether or not you've had a major problem.