2005 BMW 3 Series 318Ci Coupe ES 2.0 (N47) petrol


Great to drive, expensive to maintain


Plastic guide on top of timing chain split and had to be replaced along with a new tensioner. OEM tensioner is rubbish, causes the chain to slacken, which in turn breaks the plastic guides. Mine was not rattly or making any noise, but thankfully the garage spotted it at service. It's a given with this engine.

Rear brake pipes rust and can cause MOT failure - seems to affect all older BMW cars. It's expensive and awkward to fix. Brake vacuum seal had to be replaced.

Bushings on the front wishbones had to be replaced and the car tracking corrected.

General Comments:

Well engineered, good quality interior. Handling is great and it's an involving and fun car to drive. Front seats are very comfortable. Quite good on fuel - 38 MPG on a run, 28 around town. It's a pity there are so many issues resulting from bad engineering.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2015

2005 BMW 3 Series E90 SE 320 petrol


Not worth it unless you go for top end range


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

The all new E90 3 series. I think BMW has now become a mass car developer who has lost the edge a little with this car. The car has serious performance issues as it is just not powerful enough for a 2.0l engine. The interior has dropped in standard ie, the quality and the feel has gone out of the window and is more of a Nissan primera feel to it. Of course the more you pay the better it gets, but the cars are no longer something to benchmark exceptional quality against. After a while you begin to notice the drop in standard and the feel good factor of the car soon wears off unless you have gone up from a standard car to the BM.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2006

28th Jan 2006, 02:12

Having just driven a Nissan Primera as a hire car, believe me it wasn't a pleasant experience (Thanks Budget!!). I can't even consider how you could even begin to compare the interior of the two cars. The BMW is I agree a little bland inside. However the Nissan is cluttered with gimmicks and rubbish to try to compensate for the totally appalling drive. have just test driven the A4,Saab 93, Lexus and BMW 3 Series. The only one which comes close to the 3 series for drivability is the A4 Quatro (Front wheel drive version was all over the place)