1983 BMW 5 Series 520 i


All round winner for styling and reliability


The car had been neglected mechanically, but the bodywork and interior were in a nice clean and tidy condition. Most important job was having the timing belt changed on the engine, this work was entrusted to a specialist. watch out for leaks from the front crankshaft oil seal, once this gets on to the belt, then it will fail., destroying the engine in the process.{M20 engines}. A new water pump was fitted, along with a new timing belt jockey tensioner. The car was soon put back into good order, with new gas filled dampers fitted all round, brake drums and discs and new linings. The rest was the expected servicing requirements, engine oil and filter change, plugs.etc etc.

General Comments:

A superbly set up car overall. Once replaced with an original item, the timing belt operated overhead cam was o.k. over 30k miles.I would have preferred the timing chain set up as found on the M30 engines, for peace of mind. Achieved 25mpg average all round fuel consumption.lovely ride, smooth and quiet. nice big boot, loved the styling of the 80's 5 series saloons. Nice car to live with.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2004