2005 BMW 5 Series 535d 3.5 turbo diesel


The best diesel ever!!!


Nothing, as you would expect from a 10 month old car!

General Comments:

Amazing, a diesel that is nearly as quick as the M5 (as proven on Top Gear), the power is unbelievable. It effortlessly cruises to 100mph in no time, perfect for motorway cruising.

It offers excellent comfort and the latest technology, as you'd expect with a BMW. It makes my old S4 look like a right wimp!

Finally, the i-drive system isn't as bad as many of recent reviews say; it's just a bit technical, and I suppose can be a little frustrating at times, but despite this, the car is absolutely PERFECT. I can't wait to see what BMW will have on offer in the near future.

So stick with BMW's lovely automatic, and the M Sport pack is definitely worth the money.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2006

15th May 2006, 01:38

Nope, this is a 3.0 diesel twin turbo engine.

18th May 2006, 16:30

It was a 540i not an M5. An M5 would wee on it from a great height. It is a good though!!

21st May 2006, 06:39

Question: I am in the tricky process of choosing a new car. I think I have decided on the 520d, but thinking about the M Sport spec (not M5) but I will be doing a lot of miles - about 30k PA. Is the M sport suitable for a high mileage driver?

14th Oct 2009, 02:10

Actually, I think Top Gear compared the 535D against the 545i.

I'd like a 535d, but I think I'd prefer the 335d.

25th Aug 2010, 13:19

Besides the fact that the 535d is VERY powerful, incredibly fast, comfortable and discrete, it only sips 7 litres/100km in the city, drops to 5-6 litres on the highway, and with a maximum consumption of 11 litres if you REALLY push it.

I do not know any other car with 286 hp and 580 Nm, which is so moderate on fuel...

19th Mar 2016, 18:25

They are fast - but nothing near an M5 V10 - whoever told you that was lying (Topgear? I think that was a petrol vs. diesel standard model not an M5 - drive one and you will understand!!!)