1989 BMW 7 Series 730i 3.0 petrol


Possibly the best value for money I've ever had from a car. 45'000 miles for £450


New front discs and pads (big deal!)

Front shocks (220'000 miles)

Passenger front window doesn't always work.

Both front calipers have stuck and needed freeing off.

Front track control arms.

General Comments:

Buying a 15 year old BMW with 204'000 miles isn't always the best move. But he's now done 248'500 miles and I've had it since July 2004. It hasn't broken down YET, but you know it's going to one day - with this mileage it has to!

Original engine, clutch, gearbox and diff, rear shocks. Only replaced the front shocks because of an annoying knocking sound which turned out to be the top mount. The (original) 220'000 mile shocks have been kept because they're still okay. Car does have a detailed service record and it had a new water pump and rad not long before I bought it.

Of course it's had minor problems, but what a shame BMW or Merc don't build them like this anymore - strong, mechanically simple cars that can do almost 250'000 miles without going horribly wrong.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th March, 2006