2004 BMW 7 Series 760Li 6.0 V12


Good car, looked great


Temperature sender: Replaced by myself.

Coolant reservoir holed: Replaced FOC by dealer.

Blocked CCV: Cleared by dealer.

Audio speakers/Logic7: Partially resolved FOC by dealer.

Ebox fan faulty: Replaced by myself.

General Comments:

I've always loved these pre-facelift E66s. As well as the faults above, I had the transmission serviced including the all important bridge + other seals, changed the CCV filters and pipework and IVM.

I thrashed this car hard for the 10k miles I put on it and it stayed reliable. Longer drives were approx 22 MPG, dropping to 14 MPG in town.

I only sold it to help finance a house move, but I don't think I wouldn't have another one; as for all the talk about it being the sportiest of the limos, it wasn't happy getting caned down the back roads. It did it, it just wasn't happy, and OTOH motorway driving wasn't as 'limo' as you'd hope.

I used to bemoan its lack of torque, but looking back it was plenty, it's just the engine and transmission was SO smooth!

For all the doom laden talk about these cars, I thought it's best to show they're not all endlessly unreliable.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2017

2004 BMW 7 Series 730i Sport 3.0 litre petrol


The second hand buy of the 21st Century!


Power steering radiator needed replacement.

One xenon light unit had to be replaced.

General Comments:

A big, seriously capable, luxury car that seemingly manages the impossible by wafting along one minute, then when you are in the mood, tightening up (especially when fitted with Dynamic Drive) and handling as though it were a superbly balanced sports car half it's size.

Typical excellent BMW build quality, great service by local BMW dealership and relatively modest running costs (over a year I have averaged 27.4 mpg on mainly country roads). Over a 2,500 journey around Switzerland I averaged a creditable 32 mpg which is impressive given the size of car and it's performance.

Try and find one with Logic 7 Hi Fi as this is an amazing bit of kit. I often stay in the car after arriving home to hear the end of a CD, the sound is that good.

I-Drive truly did my head in for the first week, but I soon sorted out what I needed to know and what I would never need to know (which is a lot!). It really is quite simple once you have learnt it's logic... use the voice commands and the system starts to make good sense.

Makes an incredible secondhand buy as the first owner has taken a massive hit in depreciation over the first year or two.

The looks have grown on me and I much prefer the butch look of this car compared to the Edna Everidge 5 Series. The same goes for the interior where the 7 Series is ultra modern and luxurious compared to the rather stark interior of a 5.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2008

12th May 2011, 19:22

I was very impressed with this review and the positive comments on the BMW 730i saloon, particularly the petrol consumption. The enthusiasm for the performance and ability of the car have made me look seriously at buying a 2003 model with 52000 miles on the clock.

Kevin Lofting.