2000 BMW M5 Carbon Black Facelift 5.0 V8 32v Twin Vanos


It's an M5, what else needs to be said?


Clutch went after 3 days of ownership, although the flywheel is fine and has been re-surfaced and polished. Previous owner failed to say it was on its way out, but after a long phone call, he decided to pay half, so not all bad.

Apart from that, the car has been fine; as long as you keep on top of maintenance, you'll be okay.

Not the sort of car to let jobs pile up on.

Doesn't require an oil service for another 11,000 miles, so hopefully I can put some money aside for a rainy day.

General Comments:

I've recently acquired my dream car since I realised what a car was.. The BMW M5!

It's taken me a few years to save, but it's worth it. My car has low mileage and fully stamped BMW service history, which is essential if you want a good price when you come to selling.

These cars from new depreciate quite badly, consider this was a £72k car when new, and I got mine for £8k, at just over 10 years old. The car hasn't been out of warranty long either.

The car's general condition is astonishing. The Black nappa leather interior with grey leather inserts are hardly worn, and the back seats look hardly used, which is good considering it's a family saloon. Brushed aluminium trim and smooth black dash go well together, white dials for the speed info and black suede headlining make the car feel like a mafia saloon, like that of a Lotus Carlton, but more refined.

Paintwork's great too; any black car requires careful maintenance and body conditioner when washing, due to how easy scratches and marks can show, however the carbon black isn't no ordinary black, its Black in the dark, Navy blue in the sun, and dark purple in other shades. When polished, the car's stunning to look at.

The wheels are lovely too, not over the top or too bling for car thieves, just subtle and wide for the cars stance. Mine are gun metal with no marks or scuffs. I also have polished ceramic discs, so they sit lovely behind the wheels.

Practicality can't be faulted, enough boot space to accompany 4 suite cases or 3 sets of golf clubs or a week's shopping, it's a car for many drivers, not to mention that smooth torquey V8 that can propel 4 adults all the way to 187mph comfortably!

Now then, performance.. The M5 is about the best you get from BMW. Top marques such as 911 turbos, DB9s, Ferraris and Maseratis hate M5s because they're half the price, and most the time can more than take on these cars with ease. Many a time iv came up against the odd 911 turbo and gone for it, and came out the winner. My cars been remapped, decat and x pipe and twin induction kits, so my car's pushing about 485bhp over the standard 400Bhp.

Performance figures are astonishing, and still today can easily keep up with the new M5 or M6, due to less weight and a very reliable sustaining engine.

0-60 4.1 seconds (4.8secs book spec but can be achieved)

0-100 10.8 seconds (11.2 book spec but can be achieved)

Obviously my figures are substantially better due to modifications.

Easy to believe it was the fastest production car when released.

The car handles beautifully, similar to a B5 RS4 or a Evo 5 onwards; very nimble and light, considering the car's quite heavy. Genius really.

Understeer is a problem, but if you learn how to drive these cars properly, it shouldn't be a problem.

Now running costs are the main disadvantage, but you don't buy these cars for running costs, it's how they make you feel when you drive them.

Fuel is poor, but again it's a 5.0 V8 32v twin vanos race engine, not a 1.9TDI.

Service costs however are reasonable, a clutch with labour is £897.36 (just had mine done at Sytner Solihull) and comes with 2 year full parts and labour warranty and a stamp :)

Inspection 1 is £414, inspection 2 is £697, and an oil inspection is £153.

My Supra turbo manual 6 speed I had before this car cost more than this to service.

Only draw back on these cars was the clutch and flywheel. A clutch won't last 10,000 miles if driven hard (which the car likes) and the flywheel about 20,000.

If you baby the car and drive like miss daisy, then they'll last longer, but then why buy a M5?

There are however aftermarket clutch and flywheels you can buy eg. the standard clutch and flywheel is about 9.5 inches, and the plates can't take the power.

www.CA-AT.co.uk are a BMW tuning company, they offer a 10.5 inch carbon plated clutch with the SAC removed and dual mass lightweight flywheel for little over £1800 plus vat, which isn't far over a BMW clutch and flywheel, and it's designed for drag racing, gumball rallys and track racing, so will last a long time.

Also performance gains and faster revs through the range can easily be expected.

Well then I hope you all enjoy my review, every car enthusiast should own an M5 at least once in their life, to experience what the car gods offer.

Jamie G Webley.

22 years of age.


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Review Date: 23rd March, 2011

24th May 2011, 04:59

1 - Your car does not have 485 BHP, the S62 with the mods you've listed will push 440 - TOPS! It's almost impossible to get over 450 from the S62 without higher lift camshafts.

2 - Learn to heal and toe and your clutch with last a lot longer. (Although, you're right about the flywheel, BMW should have used the larger clutch and fly from the 850 to begin with).

3 - A 996 911 Turbo will destroy an E39 M5, yet you seem to think yours is faster?

28th Nov 2011, 17:03

Unless you are abusing the clutch and drive train, you should get much more service from it. 50-60k is quite normal, and 100k+ not unknown. It is underspecced, but with care it can last well enough.

Expensive job too.

21st Jun 2012, 11:29

1 - You're wrong, it would never destroy a E39 M5.

2 - Has a lot of advantage around corners, yeah, but on a straight, pretty level, unless you're talking a 996 x50, which is a different story.

3- It's all about the driver.

21st Jun 2012, 16:44

Trying to work out how someone who pays nearly a grand for a clutch every 10k, goes further than that between oil changes.

2003 BMW M5 E39 5.0 V8


One of the world's great cars


Nothing yet

General Comments:

The M5 has a reputation for being able to do it all, and I find this to be pretty much true.

In absolute terms, this depends upon just how hardcore you want a car to be, but for a mixture of dynamics, performance and practicality I am yet to experience anything better.

Straight line performance is usually the talking point with an M5, and it is stupendous - but only when you want it to be. In normal non sport mode the throttle response is quite easy going in its first quarter, not to intimidate - mind you, put your foot down further and by God it takes off. There's plenty else to enjoy when you're not pressing on - the ride is taut but not harsh, the exhaust still makes a nice growly sound but cruising refinement is almost on a par with my old Lexus.

Start to use the car a little more demandingly, however, and you begin to understand that it is an extremely serious machine - particularly in Sport mode, when the steering weights up and throttle response is noticeably sharper. Personally I'd prefer it like that all the time. The most remarkable aspect for me is how agile the car feels and how stable it is through corners - but not at the expense of comfort.

Fuel consumption is what you'd expect of a big V8 - use the performance and it's going to cost you but motorway cruising returns 28-30 mpg.

Servicing costs seem pretty reasonable, especially considering the performance on offer. Unexpected failures can be another matter, and I looked for one with a BMW warranty, which I consider essential.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2009

1st Jun 2009, 15:46

Is the new M5 not a V10?

2nd Jun 2009, 09:56

Yeah the new E60 M5 is a V10, however this review is for the older e39 M5 with the 4.9 V8.