1977 Cadillac Seville 5.7 Litre 350 cubic inches


Last of the true great Cadillacs; an Icon


Headlight discolouration on EU spec non sealed unit.

Two headlight adjusters fell apart.

Horn relay failed.

Air suspension compressor weak in operation.

General Comments:

All of the above faults occurred soon after purchase, due to car being infrequently used by previous owner, who had car for 24 years! Other than these minor issues, EVERYTHING works!

This Seville is a Dealer Approved Right Hand Drive conversion. Carried out by Lendrum and Hartman (no longer trading) of Kings Street, Hammersmith, London, UK, when first imported new into UK in 1977.

Triple-Black spec was a special order. Bodywork, chrome/bright-work, and leather interior are in near immaculate condition. This Seville is totally original, no rebuilds, repaints, or restoration! All due to the fact that the previous owner of 24 years, kept her in a heated garage. Being used only during summer months. NO RUST WHATSOEVER!

Only minor issues with some controls being sited in awkward places due to the RHD conversion. Foot-brake poorly positioned. Throttle very fierce in operation, cannot be adjusted due to conversion.

Engine is smooth as silk. Gearbox changes superbly. No oil, transmission or coolant leaks. Engine bay has all original service decals. Could handle better, but she is 30 years old!

Leather seats are like armchairs, so comfortable and supportive it makes driving this old girl a real pleasure. It took me a few weeks to get used to driving this car, and I'm grinning all the way!

If GM built a car like this today, they could not make enough of them!!!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2007

1st Feb 2017, 05:05

Why doesn't GM build a car like this now, if it's such a guaranteed success?

3rd Feb 2017, 13:23

They do. They are called Cadillacs.

4th Feb 2017, 04:51

It's the original poster's contention that today's Cadillacs are different, somehow.

1998 Cadillac Seville STS 4.6


American cruiser wipes the smile from Bavarian-oriented bigots


All 4 wheels misaligned causing harsh vibration at high speed. Had the wheels laser-aligned and changed the Goodyear tires for Pirelli 6000's - vibration gone.

Crack in the pump block caused a coolant leak. Block replacement was necessary.

Crack in the power steering filter caused fluid loss. Replacement filter required.

CD player mistracking.

General Comments:

I love my Seville. Despite some needed mechanical attention, it is still the best car I have owned to date.

Body styling is respectable and trim levels are excellent. The Seville doesn't look out of place on UK roads.

The ride is very comfortable and a real joy for anyone with back trouble; even on long journeys. The ride won't be to everyone's liking: in Europe, people tend to prefer a firmer (and harsher) ride. On smaller and slower UK country lanes, the ride can sometime be a little bouncy, so you'll have to take things a little less rushed, if you want a graceful rather than shaken journey.

Running costs are no worse than my previous car; it's no gas guzzler.

Dealer support in UK is very poor.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2006

1999 Cadillac Seville STS 4.6 Northstar V8


It's a good job ours is red, it's a 4 door Ferrari!


Steering rack, this needs to be replaced, not a cheap job.

Mystery Over-heating problem.

Brake discs and pads wear quickly.

Strange, random electrical quirks that sort themselves.

Headlights go out of line easily.

Uses oil, but then they all do.

We are looking at a bill of around £4000 to get this car right.

General Comments:

A very, very fast car, for a big heavy sedan, it will eat practically everything out there, but then cruise silently all day at 100mph on the motorway.

It also handles very neatly and grips forever, you would expect less front end traction, but it just grips even from a dead stop with the throttle wide open.

The brakes are very good too when they are in good condition, the ABS, traction control and Stabilitrak all work very well.

The BOSE sound system is awesome, really fantastic sound, with a radio, tape, 6 disc changer and MiniDisc.

Crimson pearl paint is well worth the upgrade cost, it looks gorgeous in the sunlight.

This car will cost a lot of money to run, but if you want to run a car like this, you have got to live with it, service it frequently and treat it right, ours has not had all the care it needs and thus is costing money to fix, but if you take care of it, I can see it lasting decades.

We will definately have another Cadillac.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

6th Jun 2006, 06:58

We just sold this car with 89000 miles on it and have got a Jaguar XKR now, the Cadillac drove perfectly at the end, what a car, if anything, the Jag isn't as nice to drive as the old caddy!

2000 Cadillac Seville STS 4.6 Northstar V8


Hateful dinosaur which just doesn't make sense outside the US

General Comments:

Chassis so hopeless that you can't use the only decent bit of the car - that luurrvely Northstar V8. Car cannot cope with British roads - too many corners and too many crests and dips which have it bottoming out and bouncing sickeningly every time. I've also never driven a car that rolls this much through the corners, and who allowed the combination of 300 bhp and front drive?? Ridiculous.

The tacky interior, and wallowy, floaty ride pale in comparison to the comedy 70's tyre squealing handling. All you need is the hubcaps to fly off and the picture would be complete. In time-honoured American tradition, the V8 returns mpg figures in the teens as well - okay when you pay $1 a gallon, but not so good when you pay £4 ($6) a gallon in the UK.

Have the guys at Cadillac ever driven a BMW, Mercedes, Rover, Audi or Lexus??? This car is so wide of the mark it's almost funny. Belongs in another era and another country.

No dissing of American cars intended (love the Viper, Shelby Cobra, Corvette etc) but this one is awful! I'm so glad this is only a temporary thing.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2001

20th Dec 2001, 04:39

A very witty and insightful review.

16th Nov 2002, 12:06

I have owned an STS Cadillac for 18 months and love every minute of the 300 hp available - anybody who cannot cope with driving it is just faint hearted and should give it back immediately. I also have a Volvo R - the caddi makes it seem like a moped! If you work the Caddi hard enough the active ride wakes up and it has remarkable handling qualities. Do not buy a 300hp car if you are not prepared to use it.

Alan Young.