2013 Citroen DS5 DSport Hybrid4 2.0 turbo diesel hybrid


Charismatic & economical antidote to German Grayness


Nothing, it's new.

General Comments:

Chosen as a company car to replace my previous E61 BMW 520 D SE Touring. The tax on interesting company cars is terrifying these days, so I elected to choose a hybrid car. This means I could have a bigger and better equipped car without paying maximum BIK tax on it.

After some research I found the DS5 hybrid, which was unusual because it couples an electric motor with a powerful 2 litre turbo diesel, so promised decent performance and relaxed cruising compared to most other hybrids such as the Toyota Prius.

My car is one of the most strikingly designed cars on the road today: basically the CSportLounge concept car made into production.

The exterior is a wonderful antidote to the worthy but boring styling of the German market leaders in the executive segment. The interior is similarly strikingly styled, which you love or hate. I love it!

The DSport is staggeringly well equipped: almost any extra you can think of is standard on this model. Everything seems well assembled from good quality materials, contrary to the recent reputation of Citroen.

The model I had an a week's test drive had 19 inch wheels fitted. These look very handsome, but made the ride horribly crashy over ridges and potholes. I think that the 17 inch wheels are too small visually and ruin the look, so I settled on 18 inch wheels as a compromise. They look fine and the ride is quite acceptable.

The drive is proving to be something to get used to. The car automatically decides how the car should be powered, by electricity, diesel or both. This means that as you make progress there are always random shudderings and shuntings as engines switch on and off.

I soon got used to this however and it's quite fun to drive, though not at all sporty.

Averaging 56 MPG on a brand new tight engine so far. I'm looking forward to running this for four years!

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Review Date: 6th July, 2013

21st Aug 2013, 09:30

I spoke too soon! One month after I wrote this report my company closed my department and I was made redundant! I returned my one month old DS5 hybrid on August 5th.

I learned plenty about the car in 2000 miles:

1) Citroen really can make quality interiors.

2) Don't believe reports that say the ride is too hard: it's no harder than a Golf GTI.

3) Fuel consumption is a joke, any decent diesel gets better gas mileage. The DS5 averaged 41 MPG overall for me. My previous BMW 520d touring managed 44 MPG without any of the compromises of the Hybrid.

4) This car is truly awful to drive round the city. The eco module makes for gutless, lumpy progress.

5) Excellent however on long fast cruises.