1983 Citroen GSA Pallas 1.3 petrol


Cheap, but often rusty comfort


I got the car free with no MoT.

To pass the MoT, it needed new four (cheap) tyres, some welding, a new exhaust Y-pipe, some adjustment to the carb for the emissions test and a couple of lightbulbs. Oh, and the wiper linkage had broken, leaving only the passenger side one working!

Looks like a lot, but there were no nasty surprises - I knew what I was getting into when I picked it up.

General Comments:

I love these cars. I had a 1978 GS Club before, and really missed it.

All G-series cars are rare, technically interesting and wonderful to drive with smooth engines and that magic carpet ride quality. They also handle extremely well - they roll a lot, but keep on gripping.

They have extremely light and precise steering, and powered disc brakes. The car "feels" much safer and easier to drive than my modern - not bad for a design which appeared in 1970!

I didn't like the small boot opening and the lack of power in the '78 GS, but my '83 GSA has a hatchback and an enormous boot, and a slightly more powerful engine with better chosen gear ratios and, joy of joys, a fifth gear. I drove my GS to Italy in two days once - these are fabulous long-distance cars. Not bad for an old family saloon, and much better than the equivalent British Maxi or Marina!

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Review Date: 14th March, 2003

5th May 2003, 07:19

I quite agree, these are fabulous long-distance cars! I drove the length of Norway in one day only! Very nice!

25th Jan 2005, 06:21

T agree. These cars are comfortable, handle well, low mantanence, and if you tune them up they are very fast, and that is just the 4 speed 1220 model.

One day I raced a Nissan Skyline Turbo through some bends and I had the pleasure of watching him disapear through the rear vision mirror. They are very fast around corners and I am yet to find a car for under $20,000 AU that can keep up with them after $200 worth of modifications to the engine. Maybe a Fiat X1/9 could.

1982 Citroen GSA Special 1.2 cc


A cheap. unreliable beauty


Very poor damp starting.

Massive oil leaks.

Rust coming from the inside out.

Suspension intermittently packed up, leaving the car at its lowest setting.

General Comments:

My GSA handled excellently, and has the best ride comfort of any car I have driven.

Although its noisy its also great fun and you can put up with its quirks for the pleasure you get, people look, stare and then laugh at it, its great...

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Review Date: 9th March, 2003