2001 Daewoo Leganza SX 2.0


Get it cheap, get it regularly serviced, and you'll have a great car!


Nothing, really. The journey mileage counter is a bit temperamental at times, but will reset eventually. Other than that, had to buy a replacement rear view mirror.

General Comments:

I'd read that this was Daewoo's attempt to compete in the executive segment, against vehicles such as the Mondeo and Rover 75. The only Mondeo I've driven is my work's 2016 pool car, so don't feel it would be fair to compare it against a 15 year old Leganza, but I did own a 75 diesel a few years back, albeit in tourer form. There is simply no comparison - the 75 was just an all round, better built, better driving car.


...When I bought my 75, it had just under 90k on the clock, and I paid £2700 for it. My Leganza had just 67k on it, and I paid £450 (that's 'four hundred and fifty pounds', in the style of the old Grandstand vidiprinter when the figures seemed unbelievable!) for it, despite only having one owner for the first 15 years of its life and a full MOT.

With the price paid freeing it from the 'class segment' comparison, the Leganza is simply a very good car. The engine is fairly quiet, and surprisingly economical, managing better than the official figures of 40.4 MPG on a recent 1000 mile roundtrip to my mum's in Glasgow for Christmas, despite around 50 stone worth of adults in the car, and their gear.

The seats are very comfy, and even the backseats have a plethora of leg room. The boot is impressively large, and the little touches like the door lights are impressive.

There are some mild cons with it; The ride is slightly springy, and I'd have preferred it to be tighter; There's a little bit too much wind noise when driving above 55mph; the radio seems a bit too fiddly.

However, the above are minor gripes on what has been a superb car so far!

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Review Date: 28th December, 2016