1992 Daihatsu Charade cx 1.0 potrol


Cheap easy driving, ideal first car


New exhaust down-pipe split after 1 month of owning.

Clutch went after 1 month of owning.

It has points, so it won't start every time unless serviced fairly regularly.

General Comments:

This is a small car, so is affected badly by wind and road noise when traveling at more than 50 mph. The stereo is poor, with tiny dashboard mounted speakers that are impossible to upgrade.

It has electric mirrors!

Build quality is OK, but what you would expect from a cheap small Japanese car.

Interior is cheap, but the controls are simple and it can seat 4 adults without discomfort.

For the size of the engine it accelerates quickly, but struggles up hills or with more than 1 passenger. It handles well around town and over roundabouts, and is surprisingly maneuverable at speed. The ride is comfortable with light steering and excellent visibility.

I drove this car very hard over many miles, and it stood up to it well. I fitted a K&N filter, which improved induction. Top speed is 85ish, but it will do 0-50 in about 8-10 seconds. Don't try and overtake in it though. The engine is responsive and with a new clutch you can wheelspin when changing up to second!

Parts are expensive, but under normal driving conditions it would be very reliable. Good fuel consuption if you keep the revs down.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2004

1992 Daihatsu Charade GLXi 1.3


Zero, it's wicked.

General Comments:

This is probably the most enjoyable car to drive ever! The standard seats are like buckets, feel good factor is 10/10 and the torque is instant. My car is a 16v injection and the thing rockets from 0-100mph in under 18 seconds (1.3L). I am definitely getting the GTi model next! Wicked.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2000

24th Oct 2001, 07:36

I know this guy and he isn't lying. This thing is fast. It is driven fast all the time and it keeps bugging for more.