1975 Datsun Laurel Six 2.0 petrol


Who needed a Granada?


Nothing was wrong with the mechanical parts, but the bodywork was full of holes and body filler where holes had been.

Scrapped due to terminal rot.

General Comments:

Despite being old and very rusty the Laurel ran like a dream. The engine and gearbox were fine right up to when it was scrapped, and would have outlived the body by at least ten years!

The seats were like armchairs, and it was very luxurious. Shame the interior was brown, though.

The six cylinder engine made it very quick in a straight line. It would out-run most Capris.

These days they are practically extinct.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 6th August, 2003

9th Jul 2004, 05:14

My laurel c-31 is quite amazing. after being used for some time in Saudi Arabia and now serving me for Three years here in Ethiopia, it still runs quite well & sound. it goes 120km per hour easily & drives 8km per liter of fuel. The only problem is that the body & door linings are worn. Once or twice I got a hit & the tail & front lamps are cracked. I could not get spares at all. Probably somebody who has one with good body condition & ought to sell might contact me. yoosepht@yahoo.com.