1990 Dodge Dynasty LE 3.3 V6


A practical daily driver that stands out from the crowd



General Comments:

This was a very comfortable car to cruise in. The ride was exceptionally soft and cosseting, and the V6 engine was very refined and quiet. However, at motorway speeds the wind noise became a bit intrusive.

It was reasonably quick, and fairly economical for what is a large car in the UK. I managed a average of 26mpg.

I'd describe the handling as safe and predictable. It held the road well, but there was a fair bit of body roll, and the steering wasn't terribly communicative. That said, it was designed as a comfortable family car and wasn't intended to be sporty.

Whilst it was quite a large car by European standards it wasn't excessively big. It fitted OK into UK-sized parking spaces and didn't feel unwieldy in town.

The Dynasty makes a great daily driver for the American car fan, being not only a head turner, but economical too.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th July, 2003