2009 Dodge Journey CRD/RT 2.0 TDI


Does the job


Central locking disabled on driver's door only, lock replaced. Cost £400 including fitting.

Other than that, nothing.

General Comments:

The Volkswagen 2.0 turbo diesel engine makes 138 BHP, which is more powerful than it sounds in real world driving. It's a noisy engine and can get very wearing on long trips, especially high speed motorway. If it had a V6 diesel it would have been a Mercedes beater, which is a shame because there is acres of space inside, and it's great for kids, which is why we bought it. The auto box is eccentric; it works well enough, but is geared too low, so in town driving and crawling in traffic, it throws you around with its clunking, but you get used to driving it 'on the throttle' and compensate for the snatching.

Overall it's done us proud; it handles long distance work well enough apart from the aforementioned diesel thrumming. It's reasonably economical, 32 MPG at a steady 90mph is possible, and around 22 constant town driving.

I shall probably run it into the ground, as it cost £23K to buy brand new, and I always like to get my money's worth out of a car.

Servicing costs about £200 a year, which is great. And the Kumho tyres have lasted until 40000 miles, so can't complain.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 7th November, 2014