2015 Fiat 500 Base


Cheap, underpowered, badly designed rubbish


Engine management fault.

General Comments:

I lived with this car as a hire car whilst on holiday in Sardinia. It was without doubt, the worst car I have EVER driven (I have driven many different vehicles).

On the car I hired, the engine faltered just after clutch release, causing a dangerous lack of progress as I was trying to enter traffic. The engine was so weak that even on the most gentle of inclines, it was necessary to change to 4th; on a noticeable incline it was 3rd gear straight away, and on any moderate incline it was a 2nd gear job. On minor roads without the momentum of movement, I had to tackle steep slopes in 1st gear.

The steering wheel is very slightly offset in comparison to the seating position, so this caused back ache after a long time driving. The driving position is awful. The A pillar becomes so wide at the base that vision is difficult when at an angled junction. When reversing, the B and C pillars seriously interfere with your rear vision.

The boot is so small it could not even hold two Ryanair sized suitcases without the back seats being put down.

The car barely had effective air con.

Despite the clearly small engine, I didn't think it was particularly economic to drive either.

The whole car was truly awful, in my opinion. I hardly ever review, but I was so dissatisfied with this car I felt I had to write this. Never again will I drive a FIAT.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2015

28th Sep 2015, 19:53

I think your review is possibly in the minority.

What was the engine? That twin cylinder jobbie? I have read they need to be worked hard to maintain decent progress, and that affects economy massively against what's quoted by FIAT. Having said that, it isn't the only car that is affected that way!!

I recently had a C1 3 cylinder on hire, and that was a cracker - again it needed to be worked hard, but it went about things very enthusiastically, and did a rock solid 49.5 MPG no matter how I drove it.

29th Sep 2015, 23:07

He must be talking about a "twin". I have a 13 N.A. Sport, which has more power and speed than is needed. I average 42 MPG mixed driving, with the best being 44 MPG on a 3 hour trip to Cumberland Lake from the N. Ky. area. During the break in period, I took it up to 125 mph for a few minutes. At that speed, I was amazed at how quiet the cabin was and how stable the car felt. I also had plenty of pedal left, so I could have gone faster if I had desired.

My Sport does not seem to have any "cheap" parts on the interior; the entire car seems to display very solid quality, both inside and out. On long trips, the driver's seat is extremely comfortable, with my longest trip being 9 hours one way, from N. Ky. to Michigan.

This is my 2nd Fiat 500, and will NOT be my last. One "Youtube" video described the Fiat 500 as "the perfect ride", and I have to agree with that statement from ownership experience.

2009 Fiat 500 Lounge 1.2 petrol


Reputation-restoring excellence for Fiat


Clutch needed replacement at 67000 miles.

Occasional ECU warning messages needed resetting.

Wheel cylinder replaced after a leak at 52500 miles.

Rear lens cluster needed replacing because of water ingress.

Rear bulbs tend to blow more often than in most cars.

General Comments:

I bought this car to use as my driving school vehicle. This is possibly the toughest role for any small car today. Fiats do not have a great reputation for reliability, but I calculated that the funky styling and great reputation amongst teenagers would win me more business than any unreliability would lose me.

The car is small but well packaged, and drivers of all sizes can get comfortable in it.

The exterior styling is attractive, and far more faithful to the spirit of the original than, say, BMW's bloated take on the Mini. The compact dimensions and small overhangs also mean that the 500 is a very good city car.

The interior is also nicely styled. With the glass roof of the Lounge model, it is an airy and pleasant place to spend time.

The 1.2 engine needs revving hard to deliver any performance, and this affects fuel consumption, which has averaged only 48 MPG in my tenure. Bear in mind that as a 300 miles-per-week driving school car, this is not a bad figure at all.

The car still washes up like brand new inside and out. There are no rattles or squeaks. Very surprising for a Fiat.

The worst part about this car is the ride. It is unsettled and jiggly at low speed, to the extent that it can affect the steering over moderate bumps. It needs far better damping.

To be honest, apart from these points it is hard to fault the 500. I would certainly consider another as a driving school car, and even more as a private car with a much easier life.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2013

13th Mar 2014, 02:33

Original poster here.

Eventually sold my Fiat 500 at 90,000 miles and replaced it with another Fiat 500 as my driving school car. I chose a low mileage used car this time around.

The Fiat left us with no rust, nothing broken and an almost unimpeachable reliability history.

These are really tough little cars. If you can live with the jiggly ride, highly recommended.

28th Oct 2014, 01:53

Excellent review. 90,000 "hard" miles at a driving school shows how durable these little gems are, and then to replace it with another 500 just tops it off!

After owning a 2012 Pop and putting on 13,000 trouble free miles, the dealership made me an offer on a black 2013 Sport that I could not refuse. Now at 4,000 miles on my new Sport, I have to admit that it is the most fun car to drive that I've ever owned, and I have owned MANY cars and trucks over the past 45 years. If I could find a fault with these cars, I would certainly share, however I cannot find one thing to complain about. Fiat hit it out of the park when it comes to the 500 models, that's for sure.

23rd Sep 2015, 04:47

Thanks for the update!

2009 Fiat 500 Lounge 1.2


Chic, cheap, fun motoring!


Minor rattles from the interior... that's it.

General Comments:

A great little car - economical (I average 45 MPG per tank with a mix of driving), fairly nippy, fairly well built, very stylish, perfect for the city, cheap to run.

The engine & transmission are perfectly matched, gear ratios are spot on, and you can cruise at 80 on the motor way - it's rock solid there. It's quite noisy on the motorway; you need to stop every couple of hours for a break.

The radio reception is really poor, as is the sound from the speakers. Blue & Me works well with Bluetooth to my iPhone 4, but sometimes you need to repeat your instruction several times. (I updated it to the latest software). However, Blue and Me refuses to play nicely with our 2 iPod Classics; the Mac-formatted one doesn't work at all, and the PC-formatted one doesn't work properly (tracks are missing). It's also incredibly fiddly (I would say dangerous) to control through the steering wheel.

There is a surprising amount of room in the boot, but fitting adults into the back seats is a real challenge.

I really like this car, it s small, agile, chic and goes well. However, the rattles from the interior annoy me, and although it's built well by Italian standards, it's no Audi in terms of build quality.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2011