1990 Fiat Croma CHT 2.0 petrol


A scruffy but practical all rounder


Electrics are a bit hit and miss, but spending time cleaning up switches, contacts and checking earthing points usually solves most of the gremlins.

Clutch master and slave cylinders have just had to be replaced, but not that expensive if you choose an independent garage.

Interior door trim is abysmal, it has warped so looks really ugly.

Rear calipers on this model are expensive and prone to failing. Parking with the hand-brake off at home, especially during the winter will extend their life.

General Comments:

This car has enormous boot space, and has the carrying capacity of a small estate with the seats folded down.

Rear passenger space is excellent and is the biggest of most cars I have seen.

Fuel economy is excellent, I regularly get between 35 & 45 miles per gallon.

Galvanised body so rust isn't an issue even for a car of this age. Only the wheel arches where mud gets behind can be a problem.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 29th May, 2001