Marea HLX 2.0 20V 148

An oft overlooked bargain

116 words

Marea ELX 1.8 petrol

Cheap, good value for money if nothing is wrong

114 words

Marea Weekend TD125 HLX 2.4 turbo diesel

A powerful, stylish and practicable car that is an excellent buy 2nd hand

609 words

Marea Weekend ELX 1.8 16v

Practical, good looking family car

151 words

Marea HLX 2.0 20 Valve

Nice looking, inexpensive GTI beater!

230 words

Marea Weekend 1.6

Good looking and comfortable estate at an excellent price

235 words, 1 comment

Marea ELX 1.8

Great drive, god performance and fuel economy

189 words

Marea HLX 2.0 20v

A fast underrated saloon

18 words

Marea SX 1.6

Beat the boy racers in comfort and style

303 words, 1 comment

Marea ELX Lusso 1.6

Learn the lesson, forget anything to do with Marea or Fiat!

292 words

Marea HLX 2.0 20v

Well built, priced and practical. Performs very well. Try one, you will not be disappointed

230 words, 2 comments

Marea HLX 2.4 turbo diesel

Buy a second hand one and get lots of car for your cash

204 words