2008 Fiat Panda 100HP 1.4 petrol


Fantastic fun!

General Comments:

Always liked these particular models, and have finally got one! It looks in my opinion totally awesome, and is equally great to drive with a revvy eager engine, snappy gear change and oodles of feedback through the steering and suspension.

Practical, cheap to buy and run. So much space inside considering the exterior dimensions.

It'll be a cult classic, you mark my words.

Never fails to put a massive grin on my face. What more could you ask for from a tiny little economical five door city car!?

Being a Fiat, it'll probably have some issues at some point in the future, but on the plus side, being a Fiat, it'll more than likely be reasonably cheap to fix.

In the meantime, it's proving to be a hoot, and long may it continue!!

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Review Date: 13th October, 2012

2008 Fiat Panda Multijet Dynamic 1.3


112mph, 60mpg, +fun = Panda Multijet



General Comments:

What does 112 mph (on the speedo), averages nearly 56 mpg, and can fit a full grown Dalmatian and Boxer dog in the boot?

A Panda Multijet, that's what!

Brilliant little car that looks a bit crap is pretty much my assessment.

Want to surprise people in much bigger cars by blasting past them at a ton in a tin box on wheels with roof bars, or really annoy those blokes in Transits and Merc Sprinters who drive so close they obviously wanna join you in the cabin by out accelerating them in the sort of car only Grandad drives, get a Panda Multijet!

Want to drive the absolute nuts off your car, and it absolutely refuses to drop below 55mpg tank to tank (60+mpg driven normally), get a Panda Multijet!

Want to buy the best tyres available for only £50 a corner, or crap rubber for about £15, and then pay the equivalent of a family size Dominoes pizza in road tax each year, get a Panda Multijet.

Want to be doing motorway speeds, hit the "city mode" button for the steering and end up in the next county when you move the wheel an inch? Well, any Panda really!

Shear comedy value 10/10.

Wanna look cool? Don't buy a Panda Multijet!!

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Review Date: 1st June, 2011