1995 Ford Probe 2.0L petrol


Good cars if you're handy with a spanner


Wiring is a bit dodgy.

Needs new leads - distributor parts and plugs regularly.

Sunroofs rust for some reason.

General Comments:

Try to get one that has already had everything changed. Otherwise start reading Haynes manuals...

UKPOC - excellent web forum for background info on these cars.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2008

1995 Ford Probe 16v 2.0 16v


OK for free

General Comments:

I was given one of these.

It's OK for free, but why would anyone buy one? I've never seen such a poor condition N reg car, with 101k.

Surface rust everywhere (but it was from a Scottish coast); in the engine bay, underneath exhausts rot quick, locks packing up - will only unlock on the passenger side.

Boot struts don't work; I'm not surprised with the weight of the boot.

One side light has gone, fog lamps are cracked, cigarette lighter is inoperable, but is the same in most cars; and the exhaust bracket ring is loose and rattles.

Wishbone's bushing is knocking; one looks as if it's been done already. There is slight wear in the steering rack.

Cam belt or fan belt is now squealing a lot. Seat creaks horrendously, as does the dash.

Engine seems smokey under revs, but that may be normal or just steam etc.

Sunroof jumps when shutting the door, the trim is tatty and the seat is worn (frayed).

Power steering creaks.

I know its 11 years old, but it seems very poorly made.

Poor turning circle.

No wonder they're rare. I bet they're money pits. That's why there's not many about; not just that there's not many in the country.

I was surprised at the handling; its surprising good and flat. Great grip and stability, but the ride is jaw breaking. I'm not surprised its worn the suspension out. Also, my car has 17's and its buckled the wheels a bit, so that vibrates the car. Must avoid any potholes or the wheels will nearly snap.

The immobiliser is not working.

Wind noise is OK, and sound proofing is OK.

Its very cramped; my head's well near the roof, and I'm only 5 ft 9.

Can fit loads in the boot as it's a hatch back. It goes down like an estate. I've fitted huge items in; tables, etc.

Tyres have worn unevenly.

Can't say mine's had brake issues or other faults, but if it does, its being scrapped for parts.

Please feel free to comment. I would be interested to hear views on this car. Do they fall to bits after 101k?

But it's OK for free. Better than most four-bangers about. Looked OK in an American type of way. It doesn't turn heads at all. I felt a bit embarrassed in it, but it looks OK in white with 5-spoke wheels on.

The 2.0L is gutless, but very quiet and refined. Its very slow, and group 16 insurance is crazy.

My mate's 1.4L Corsa felt just as quick. Is it a joke to put a 115 bhp engine in a supposed sports car that does 0-60 in 10.6 seconds? What a joke.

Also, the fuel economy is poor; I get just 25 mpg most of the time.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2007

28th Jun 2007, 14:45

Wow, you had all these problems in a 12 year old car that you got for nothing??? I think you should go and sue Ford.

24th Dec 2007, 14:57

It just sounds like a completely neglected and worn out old car, which is probably why it was given away free.

5th Feb 2008, 01:42

Well not bad for a car that was free.

1995 Ford Probe V6 2.5 V6


A great car as a second car, but as main daily driver, it's not too suitable


Tyres seemed to quickly wear excessively.

Drivers seat leather bolster worn with hole.

Dash clips broke when changing the stereo.

Boot struts weak.

General Comments:

Great car if this is what you're after. The most American English car you could possibly get. Looks great, again if you like the 90's American look.

Handles very well for such a large car. 'Nippy' engine which revs well. Sadly not as quick as it should be. Weak at higher speeds in 5th gear.

Interior space in the rear is minimal, front is okay. Seats uncomfortable, backache on long journeys. Boot space is impressive in size, and the seats do fold flat to give a good load space.

Cruise control is wonderful on long journeys.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2007