Puma 1.7 VCT

Fantastic to drive, but too fragile

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Puma 1.7 Luxury Pack

Fast, nice looking, problem on wheels

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Puma 1.7

A distillation of pure (economical)l fun

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Puma 1.7i VCT

The best performance sport coupe which is also practical

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Puma 1.7

Cheap car, good handling, poorly built

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Puma 1.7

Great fun, but not built for crashes!

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Puma 1.7

If you only ever drive one Ford, make it this one

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Puma 1.7

Nice car, shame about the quality

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Puma VCT 1.7


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Puma Lux 1.7 petrol

If it had an Alfa badge on the front, it would be a cult car

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Puma 1.7 petrol

Excellent - Most fun...

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Puma Lux 1.7 petrol

Compact and bijou, marred by faults

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Puma 1.7 petrol

Fun, value-for-money and almost practical for a Sports Coupe

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Puma 1.7 petrol

Noisy, nippy, expensive pile of crap

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Puma 1.7 petrol

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Puma 1.7 petrol

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Puma 1.7 petrol

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Puma 1.7 petrol

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