Efficient, and superb to own and drive

170 words

Puma 1.7

Brilliant, quick, reliable, fun car

30 words

Puma 1.7

Fantastic car, watch for rusty wheel arches

170 words

Puma Black 1.7

Enjoyable coupe ruined by poor reliability

127 words

Puma 1.7 1.7 petrol

Fun to drive, great value, reliable coupe

271 words

Puma Racing 1.7 petrol

The best car ever built!

245 words, 3 comments

Puma lux pack 1.7

A great car to drive with looks to match

399 words

Puma Racing 1.7

Rare, beast

129 words, 2 comments

Puma Black 1.7

Fast, luxurious and a car to be proud of

92 words, 1 comment

Puma LX 1.7

Exciting driving, poor reliability

29 words

Puma Racing 1.7i 16v

Massive smile raiser

595 words, 3 comments

Puma LUX 1.7

Fiesta in a fancy frock

146 words

Puma 1.7

Good, cheap, reliable fun..

246 words

Puma 1.7 petrol

A modern day XR2 with air-con and suspension

105 words, 3 comments

Puma Millennium 1.7 petrol

Definitely a high performance car

41 words

Puma 1.7i 16v Zetec

Great fun, sexy looks at a (now) bargain price!

85 words

Puma 1.7 petrol

Drop dead gorgeous

44 words

Puma Lux 1.7 petrol

Car handles/goes well, but is very poor quality and dealer service is very poor

152 words, 3 comments

Puma 1.7

Fastest point to point car available

127 words, 5 comments

Puma Millennium 1.7 petrol

A good car made better

123 words, 1 comment

Puma Racing Puma 1.7

The best looks and performance for 23k

65 words, 16 comments

Puma 1.4 petrol

A car that I look forward to driving every day

51 words

Puma 1.7 16v DOHC petrol

An excellent value coupe that just wants to be driven

57 words