1995 Ford Scorpio Ultima 2.9i 12v


Phenomenal. Mind blowing


Rear Brake Discs replaced as pads had not been replaced by previous owner.

Apart from that, just routine service items.

I understand that certain Scorpio Ultima owners find lots of electrical faults. My advice is don't go fiddling with the OBD system, as you will create and then 'find' problems which probably aren't there in the first place.

Just drive the car!! Service it regularly, and enjoy.

General Comments:

This has to be the most luxurious car on the road.

It gets admiring glances wherever I go.

When it was first introduced the styling was considered weird, but now, in 2006 it fits in very well indeed.

Where else can you buy a £33.000 car for under £1000.

The car has every conceivable extra with self dimming interior mirror, A/C, wing mirror dip on reverse, electric heated seats with memory positioning, floorwell lighting and under door lighting to illuminate the pavement.

Interior is the most comfortable and impressive I have ever seen. Incredible!! Go get one"!!

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Review Date: 17th May, 2006

3rd May 2007, 17:19

How does the Scorpio compare to the Volvo 940?

4th May 2007, 02:40

I think that you will find both cars very different. The Ford will have more toys and be cheaper to run, but the Volvo will be MUCH more solid and safe - also likely to last longer. YOu should really compare the bigger engined Scorpio with the Volvo 960 rather than 940 (960 is plusher with bigger engine and sleeker design). The Volvo is square in appearance, but the Ford is more 'unique' - not everyone will like the look of either. To sum up, if you want a keeper, or safety is of concern, buy the Volvo. If you want a lot of metal or gadgets for your money for the short term, buy the Ford.

8th May 2007, 01:26

I've had both the Volvo 940, and the Volvo 960.

Buy the 940. The 960 has nothing going for it that the 940 won't do. As for interiors, the Ford is AWESOME, and the Volvo 'plastics' are just outdated.

I'd have another Volvo as they are hard wearing, and as tow cars, they rule, but for a comfortable ride, this car has to be the best buy I've ever made.

1995 Ford Scorpio Ultima Cosworth 2.9 litre, 24v, petrol


High performance, but very low reliability.


Transmission required rebuilding at 75,000 miles (£1200). The local Ford dealer could not fix it.

Climate Control system control panel required replacement at 80,000 miles (£300). Dealer reinstalled panel incorrectly, causing temperature control to not work. I fixed it myself.

Air conditioning compressor and air drier leaked and required replacement at 94,000 miles (£600).

Engine computer failed at 103,000 miles; car would not start (£200).

Water pump leaked and required replacement at 108,000 miles (£250).

Several other minor problems.

General Comments:

This should have been a great car. It has all of the toys and creature comforts one expects of a big, touring saloon. The 2.9 liter, 24 valve Cosworth engine made the car perform like a rocket sled, particularly for a car of this size. It's a little sluggish in the corners, but that's forgivable; it's a touring car, not a rally car. The lack of reliability was unforgivable. I traded the car for a Toyota Avensis Verso at 109,000 miles. I wanted the reliability of the Toyota.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2003

1995 Ford Scorpio Executive Estate 2.9 12V


Big, smooth and laid back


Air conditioning clutch bearing noisy.

Alternator light glowing (common problem with blown diodes in the alternator apparently)

Cruise Control has never worked.

Fluid pipes between auto transmission and oil cooler replaced due to corrosion.

Front disks need replacing.

Driver's door look worn.

General Comments:

Very relaxing and surprisingly quick.

Thirsty around town, but not bad at all on the motorway.

Cheap to insure.

Other cars might be more 'fun', but this one is easy to live with whatever mood you're in.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2003