Scorpio Executive 24v 2.9 V6 Cosworth

A proper fast, refined luxury car from the FoMoCo

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Scorpio Ultima 2.3 petrol

Very good car AS LONG AS you get a good one

186 words, 3 comments

Scorpio Ultima X 2.3 petrol

If you don't mind the styling, and avoid Ford dealers, this is a fantastic bargain

358 words, 5 comments

Scorpio Ultima Estate 2.3

Excellent - what will I ever be able to replace it with when the time comes!?

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Scorpio Ultima 24v 2.9 24v Cosworth petrol

You won't get more car for the money anywhere

322 words

Scorpio Ghia X Estate 2.3 petrol

A good work horse, but disappointing repair bills

105 words, 1 comment

Scorpio Ghia 2.0

Excellent comfy car - executive transport

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