1986 Ford Sierra reviews from UK and Ireland

Sierra XR4x4i 2.8i V6

A fine car to drive, with mechanics a chimp could fix

338 words

Sierra Ghia 2.0

Oozes 80's luxury

344 words, 1 comment

Sierra sapphire 1.8

Fast and powerful

30 words

Sierra XR4X4 2.8i

Performance bargain, built like a brick outhouse

151 words, 19 comments

Sierra L 1.8

It's a brilliant buy for £100 2 years ago!

178 words, 1 comment

Sierra RS Cosworth 2.0i 16v turbo

Always provokes a race from a Fireblade rider!

33 words, 3 comments

Sierra GL 2.0 petrol

£90 for a backroad bomb can't be all that bad!

70 words

Sierra GL 2.0 8v petrol

94 words, 1 comment

Sierra L 1.8 petrol

22 words