1983 Honda Accord DX 1.6 CC


Reliable, comfortable and extremely cheap motoring


Bob-weights seized on engine in 1997 causing occasional back-firing. It took 5 trained Honda mechanics to free it.

Clutch cable snapped in 2002. First time car had actually "broken down".

Taking car to scrap heap tomorrow (28-Sept-2002), though sad to see it go:

1. Gearbox cover plate has rusted to nothing - the oil is leaking through a plate of rust.

2. Rear and central exhaust sections have rusted.

3. Passenger side windscreen de-laminating and starting to crack.

4. Both near-side and off-side sills rusted (changed one of them 3 years ago).

5. Structural rust near off-side rear suspension - this might require dismantling of the suspension before welding.

6. All 4 wheel arches have rusted, especially off-side.

General Comments:

Superbly reliable despite its age and little maintenance.

Quiet and comfortable ride. Like a limousine when sat in the back.

Thoughtfully designed and superbly built - no corners cut.

Mechanics are superb, but couldn't stop the structural rust.

Barely spent a penny on it except sensible things when I first bought it (new cam belt, oil changes etc).

Passed every MOT for last 4 years, but will not pass this year - I've done no maintenance to it for 2 years.

Even though the engine oil is now like tar (18 months old), the car drives beautifully.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2002

1983 Honda Accord DX 1.6 carb


Cheap, reliable, comfortable transport


Faulty rear wiper.

When left for 2 days not used, the handbrake seized - a few revs sorted it out!

General Comments:

Excellent car for year - good spec (i.e. 5 speed gearbox), good handling and grip, so far looks pretty bomb proof.

Some small rust patches on the rear arches, but no other rust - not bad for a car 17 years old!

This car is just at home on the motorway as round town.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2000