1997 Honda Accord SE 2.0


A slow burning love affair..


Driver's side electric window fault (glass riser mechanism is made of thin metal, which can bend if glass sticks to the rubber slightly (tree sap etc). This is a common fault (about £35 + labour to get replaced). Once it's bent, it loses a lot of strength, so don't waste money/time on removal and straightening. Trust me!

Front & rear brake pads replaced.

Aircon not working (re-gas I think).

Small rust patch developing on OSR arch.

Electric aerial broke (possibly vandals?)

Headlights starting to look a bit 'foggy'.

Interior mists up in wet weather (leak?)

General Comments:

Paid £800 six months ago for this - one owner, FSH 80k example. So a good 'un I hope! (CE8 model)

Seems reasonably brisk, but hardly stellar.

Fuel economy is no better than 30mpg, whatever you do.

Bloody impossible to park without craning your neck over the large rear end (boot), and I have used the bumpers for their purpose more than once unfortunately!

Quality of interior is quite good compared to feel of a friend's W reg Mondeo. Side by side, the Accord is clearly more 'quality'.

Driving seat is not the most 'ache free' I've encountered (I was spoilt by a previous car perhaps).

Plastic 'wood effect' on centre dash is a little too Rover territory for my tastes (shared heritage).

Looks dated when parked beside a 6th Gen Accord (but I actually prefer my 5th Gen on looks).

Would love to know if the F20Z1 SOHC non VTEC engine comes to life in higher rev bands like the VTEC apparently does @ 4000+ rpm...

Fantastic reputation for these UK (Swindon built) Accords, which actually adds something to the delight of ownership.

TOP TIP - Servicing parts are best bought online, and then simply pay a garage for labour if not DIY. (I have saved £70 on pads and discs alone by avoiding their mark up!)

Silver paint work looks really good compared to other base colours. IMO.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2011

1997 Honda Accord 2.2 vtec




Central locking fault, the car doors unlocked themselves (not good for security).

Exhaust rattle.

General Comments:

I've had few cars bore me as much as this one. Very bland interior, so so styling, forgettable ride, and zero character etc. I do now understand why Honda's appeal to old people, but at 36 I think I may have bought this car 30 years too early.

I bought this car due to its low mileage and good history (one elderly previous owner).

Very disappointed in the performance of the 2.2 vtec engine, to get any real power out of it you have to push it hard, and at low revs it feels more like a 1.6.

On the positive side, the engine has been very reliable and does inspire confidence in its longevity.

As a reaction to this car, I am now considering selling in favour of an Alfa.

Please excuse me, I'm getting sleepy thinking about this Honda.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2009

1997 Honda Accord i 1.8


Well equipped with a Good image and so far reliable


Brakes squeal and the Air con does not work. Previous owner was the cause of the stone chipped front end and the white paintwork only looks good when polished. Engine a bit tapperty when cold and it takes a couples of turns on the crank to start in the morning. Expected more power from Honda engine and it uses more petrol than my Caviller even with a light foot.

General Comments:

Quite well equipped, even for the base model. Rides quite smoothly and handles well with a very responsive turn in, but it takes some getting use to when parking as its hard to see the corners (the previous owner had fitted parking sensors). Looks quite sporty with a factory spoiler on the boot. Interior wears very well with no tears in the seats. A clip has broken off the rear bumper (parking no doubt) and there is lots of scuff marks on the bumpers. There is a mud trap between the bumper and the rear wing and I've seen older Accords with the Rover 600 rust issues at this spot. Haynes don't do a manual for this model.

Think I'll go for the 2.0 next time though.

Waiting to see if the Honda reliability is true.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2006