1984 Honda Civic 1.3


Reliable engine, bodywork less so


Seats have worn quite badly.

Rusts very easily around sills, 2 needed to be welded. More rust around wheel arches and bubbling on some panels.

The bonnet is very thin,and therefore many dents have been inflicted.

General Comments:

Other than usual wear and tear parts, the car has been extremely reliable, no serious engine problems whatsoever.

The engine is as simple as possible, but that means there is less to go wrong with it, and D-I-Y maintenance is very easy.

Despite being an old car, the ride feels extremely smooth. The seats, although worn, are very comfortable. The car is quite low profile, so it is very easy to get in and out of, and there is plenty of legroom up front.

Steering is direct and effortless thanks to power steering, which is impressive for a car of this age. Suspension is quite soft, but does not cause too much body roll.

Two design flaws however: some areas of the interior arches (especially at the rear) are curved in such a way that they collect a lot of dirt and mud, which leads to rusting in those areas. Also, there is a removable panel directly underneath the radio cassette, meaning one can simply take this off to gain direct access to the back of the unit therefore making it easy for thieves.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004

1984 Honda Civic Sport 1.5


A cut price, pocket size, giant killer!


In the two months I've had the car, I have been amazed at the fact that I've had nothing to do to it.

Even checking the oil has become frustrating, because it never needs topping up.

Despite some very fast and frantic driving the little wonder hasn't given me any complaints.

General Comments:

Never have I been so impressed by a car. I was lucky enough to find a mint 24K mile example with full service history.

(Yes, the car is 1984. Yes, it has only done 24K!!!)

The engine literally purrs all the way through the rev range. It goes like a guided missle and sticks to the road like a limpet on steroids.

It always starts first flick of the key and will quite happily out perform numerous hot hatches, whilst still returning over 35mpg.

It cost virtually nothing to buy and run. It's fun to drive and is built better than any of my previous Volkwagens.

I simply cannot praise the car enough. It's a driver's car, which is cheap to run and reliable. A small miracle !!!

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Review Date: 18th May, 2000

7th Dec 2001, 18:54

I have a 1984 civic which I bought for $80 (real rough) and used it as a paddock racer. Funny thing is the thing just won't die. My mate and I have constantly thrashed it for 8 months round a field and with 286000 km on the clock its a wonder it just won't blow up. All up its an excellent car and much more reliable than a corolla.

Long live all civics.

31st May 2002, 16:03

I have a 1984 Honda Civic. It runs like a hero.. It is very reliable.. My car has 130K, but still running fine.


29th Aug 2002, 02:33

I have a 84 and a 86 Honda civic hatchback, and I will agree that the both of them are great cars. Even thought the 84 was pulled off the road, I used it to fix up the 86 and its great for gas and speed. High kilometers 334k, but still very quiet car.

27th Aug 2003, 10:36

I live in the states and I just bought a '84 Civic 1500S with 76,000mi on it. It is the best car I have ever had. Light, fast and cheap! What more could you want. The back seat reclines, and folds down; to swallow up more cargo than you could imagine.